The water in a point of use water cooler Australia filters water on-site, right in the machine. It's more convenient than being pre-filtered and bottled at an off-site production factory. Then delivered to a home or company. The primary aim of point-of-use coolers, like typical water coolers, is to offer easy access to clean, filtered drinking water. Plus, an additional benefit of not requiring a bottle to replenish the tank. Some people refer to point-of-use water dispensers as a bottle-less water cooler.

Traditional water delivery services for homes and offices are obsolete by the recent advent of commercial point-of-use water coolers. You may easily add these good reverse osmosis water filtration systems to any existing water line. It will provide a steady supply of tasty, filtered hot or cold drinking water. Moreover, switching to bottle-less water coolers and dispensers has numerous economic and environmental benefits.

Check out some of the reasons why switching to a point-of-use water cooler Australia is the best decision you'll ever make.

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Bottling water is an inefficient and costly operation. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, one ounce of water from a 5-gallon water bottle costs a penny. Whereas one ounce of water from the faucet costs $0.00003. In other words, a gallon of tap water is less expensive than one ounce of bottled water.

According to the experts at the Natural Resource Defense Council, 90 percent of the cost of bottled water makes up of other expenses. It includes bottling, packing, shipping, marketing, retailing, and, of course, profit! The companies pass these expenses on to you. It includes the costs of the trucks, drivers, and gasoline used to bring the bottled water to your office.

Filtered water coolers with a bottleless design, on the other hand, are economical and efficient. It filters the water that you already pay for!


Keeping count of water bottles or 5-gallon water containers takes time. While you're gone from your desk, you can order, receive, and change water bottles. Furthermore, stocking the water bottles consumes significant space (full and empty). Security concerns arise when accompanying a water delivery man through the property. Invest in a point-of-use water cooler that purifies your water at the source. It provides you with endless water on-demand and removes the need to order bottled water.

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Low Maintenance

Bottleless RO water coolers are a low-maintenance system that you can set and forget. Replace the pre-filters every six months after installing the system to enjoy fresh, tasty water. There'll be no more heavy bottle changes, difficult bottle storage, accidental water spills, or waterless dry days. It's possible since there will be no more water jugs. It also means there will be no water cooler reservoir to clean and maintain regularly. It allows your family and employees to devote more time to their tasks.

Cleaner Water

Even the purest tap water must pass through kilometers of water infrastructure, as well as infrastructure within your building before it reaches you. Corrosion of aging water pipes causes oxidized heavy metals to build up, leaching toxins into the water.

Traditional 5-gallon water coolers aren't always the healthiest option. Bottled water systems are "open" systems. It exposes the water inside the bottle and the cooler reservoir to airborne contaminants. It may expose the water to dirt and microorganisms, contaminating your water every time you replace the jug.

Worse, the reservoir frequently develops a "biofilm" or microbial matter build-up. It can break loose and enter the water cooler. The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) suggests that bottled water coolers need disinfection with an antimicrobial disinfectant (such as bleach) at least once every three months.

On the other hand, filtered water coolers give an almost limitless supply of clean, great-tasting water on demand. There's no need to be concerned about what might be lurking in your pipes. What happens if a coworker with soiled hands grips the neck of a new 5-gallon water jug during flu season? Or what happens to the dust that builds on the top of a stored bottle?

Safer For The Environment

RO bottle-less water coolers filter the water as it enters your home. It offers the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to provide clean drinking water. Water delivery firms employ massive vehicles to transport and transport their heavy water jugs. It can weigh tens of thousands of pounds each truck. When you consider that thousands of these vehicles are on the road every day, it's evident that it wastes a lot of fuel. Plus, it emits a lot of CO2.

Never Run Out of Water

You may now install a point-of-use water cooler by simply connecting it to your existing water line. It's perfect for situations where it's not practical or safe to store large water bottles. In addition, countertop point-of-use water coolers provide all of the advantages of a larger water cooler without taking up any additional floor space. Not to mention the variety of beverages available: hot, cold, and room temperature water, sparkling water, flavored water, and ice.

Better Water Flavor

Quality filters purify water in RO bottle-less water coolers housed in high-density polypropylene housings that secure and shield the product water from the elements. They deliver water using old, used plastic water bottles frequently exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. We all know that plastics can leach chemicals into water when exposed to UV light. Chemical leaching can alter the flavor of water and, depending on the plastic grade, may pose a health risk.


One of the most convenient water dispensers is a point-of-use water dispenser, which provides a steady flow of water without regularly refilling water bottles into the tank.

A point-of-use water dispenser operates by attaching to a water system and taking water from a pre-existing line.

Most point-of-use dispensers get their water from the tap, but because it's filtered and refrigerated inside the dispenser, it's cleaner and more refreshing than tap water.


Because they all have the same fundamental function of delivering water, point-of-use water dispensers are identical to other water dispensing systems.

So, regardless of the dispenser's size, form, or other functions, most of them use the same mechanisms.

Drinkers can easily access the water stored in the tank by simply turning a knob or pressing a button linked with the sort of water they want (either hot or cold, if applicable).

When you press the button, it pours water into the user's cup from the spigot or tap.

The user has continued access to drinking water because the tank is constantly supplied from the main water line to which the dispenser is connected.


Depending on its functions, a point-of-use water dispenser may also have the ability to supply hot or cold water on demand.

This feature appeals to a large number of people. It's convenient to have hot water without boiling it for hot tea, instant coffee, or even "just add water" lunches.

  • Manufacturers often use steel in point-of-use dispensers that provide these heating and cooling water options and store water in tanks.
  • One tank is for the hot water, while the other holds cold water.
  • The water in these tanks is heated or cooled using a process that varies depending on the tank.

Electricity is required to maintain a point-of-use water dispenser operational, as the heater and refrigerated section of the dispenser both require power to operate.


Thanks to point-of-use water coolers, consumers can now drink fresh, filtered water right from a building's present water supply. No more ordering germ-filled plastic water bottles that leech chemicals. In our perspective, the most convenient, germ-free, and a chemical-free alternative is the greatest one.

Get Rid of Bottled Water's Consequences With Ace Water Coolers plumbed-in water dispensers. You can finally say goodbye to the cost and bulkiness of 5-gallon bottled water jugs! Our bottle-less water coolers connect to any existing water supply to provide a constant supply of great, pure drinking water that may be chilled or heated for your enjoyment. These systems use the same complex filtration techniques used by major bottling operations to generate a limitless supply of clean, fresh, and healthful drinking water for your home or office, thanks to reverse osmosis technology. Imagine never dealing with spills, dry days, bottled water delivery, or back-breaking water jug refills!

By Raven Escabusa


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