A refillable floor-standing water cooler is a fashionable and reliable option for providing water from spring or filtered water bottles. It offers cold and ambient spring or filtered water and is ideal for families and small offices.

Floor model coolers provide a wholesome substitute for bottled water. Drinking water free of chlorine will benefit you. We have a wide selection of beautiful models to fit every location or design. Never again will you or your staff have to bother about changing bulky water jugs or bottle storage. With the push of a button, freestanding bottleless water coolers can deliver water at various temperatures, including ice-cold, room temperature, and scorchingly hot.


A water cooler can be a perfect choice if you're looking for a handy item to incorporate into your daily routine. It may provide access to more than enough water, whether hot or cold and is one of the safest methods to consume water.

Water coolers are a great option for your home, workplace, or school because they can provide water on demand for many people. The bottle-fed dispenser is one of the best water dispensers for feeding huge crowds of people. The device pulls water from a bottle placed on the cooler to function.


The bottle is inserted into the opening on top of the cooler and has an upside-down design. The cooler's seal has been broken to allow water to flow inside the water cooler.

Additionally, it has valves that stop bottled water from overflowing the cooler quickly. Only the necessary amount of water comes out when the dispenser is opened.

A refrigerating source cools the water that is fed into a reservoir. Refrigerants circulate water to guarantee that it is sufficient, secure, and convenient for consumption.

The compressor produces pressure inside the pipes. That's why the refrigerant transforms from liquid to gas as it travels through the pipes to the reservoir.

When the refrigerant is in gas, it can take heart from the water in the water cooler reservoir as it circulates inside the pipes. As the gas cools, the water will become colder as the tube is driven through the valve. The machine refills the reservoir as the water is dispensed, which causes the process to repeat itself.


A quality water cooler is a need if you want to drink the healthiest, cleanest, and most purified water possible. Even though most people have heard of water coolers, it's safe to assume that few understand how they function and how the water stays sterile inside.


These contemporary water coolers are equipped with internal air filtering systems that stop bacteria from entering the device, remove the potential for contaminated water, and allow the preservation of sterilised water. This procedure enables you to drink water confidently in terms of your health.


Water cooler firms employ bottles with unique single-use bottle tops, which furthers the claim of sterile water that cannot be polluted.

The best food-grade stainless steel is used to construct the water reservoirs in cooler bottles. The least bacterial growth is possible with these kinds of steel. Additionally, the taps on the front of your water cooler are typically constructed of nano-silver or other materials that prevent the formation of microbiological organisms, including detritus. More and more home appliances, including refrigerators and washing machines, are using this component.

By combining these structural safeguards, the water cooler successfully prevents bacterial development while maintaining consumable water's best taste and quality.


Previously, water coolers were only a trend and were only seen in the homes of the wealthy. They were large and unsightly, and neither your little office nor your home placed you would want to put one. Over the past few decades, that has undergone a significant adjustment.

There are many different kinds and models of contemporary water coolers, some of which provide chilled, ambient, and hot water. High-traffic open public places and schools are better suited for fountain water coolers or water fountains.

Refillable Floor-Standing Water Dispensers

  • Bottled water coolers are used in homes and smaller companies for office water coolers.
  • While some standalone bottled water coolers don't require electricity, others cool the water in the chilling reservoir.
  • Because they may be moved if necessary, portable bottled water coolers are popular.
  • A water company often delivers replacement water bottles for bottled water coolers based on your demands.

Mains-Fed Water Dispenser

  • Point-of-use (POU) water coolers are another name for mains water coolers.
  • It is not portable because it is hooked into the primary municipal water line.
  • They work well in large offices where many employees require cooled drinking water.
  • Some POU water coolers provide chilled drinking water and ambient and hot water.
  • Toxins can be removed from the water long before it reaches your drink by adding a water filter to mains water coolers.


You're not alone if you are considering purchasing a water cooler because they are an essential item for both the home and the workplace, not just a convenience or office icon.

Once it comes to a cool beverage on a hot day, a cold glass of water just can't be beaten. Water coolers motivate everybody to drink more water.

The two primary forms of water coolers are bottled and mains or plumbed-in water dispensers.

Bottled water coolers require frequent water deliveries to prevent running out, storage room for the bottles, and the ability of someone to handle the big, full bottles to replace them.

You can add a filter to some mains water coolers to guarantee that your drinking water is completely pure. Because mains water coolers are immediately linked to your main water supply, you will always have access to chilled drinking water.

Several factors will influence your decision.

  • Where will the device be most frequently used?
  • What volume of water will you require each day?
  • Do you want chilled water only, hot water, or both?
  • Do you have enough room for a water cooler?
  • Weekly or monthly delivery will they be a hassle for you?
  • Do you have enough space to store bottles, both full and empty?
  • How much can you spend?

It would be best if you were better positioned to choose between a bottled water cooler and a mains water cooler after you know the answers to those questions.


Congratulations on purchasing a water cooler if you require accessories for your water cooler.

Water coolers are essential for your health since they can practically always make cold, pure drinking water readily available to you and your entire family. Here are some of the great and helpful accessories below:

  • Bottle Covers
  • Water Bottle Rack
  • Cooler Cups
  • Ultra-Absorbent Cooler Mats


Many people worldwide do not consume enough water to maintain healthy hydration. It's frequently caused by the peculiar flavour or odour of the local water. Australia's water is generally of acceptable quality, although the water might still have an odd smell in places where fluoride is used.

Although government and health officials maintain that fluoride is safe, scientists and other health professionals have discovered a clear association between fluoride and cancer, especially in young boys. It raises serious concerns about the use of fluoride in drinking water sources.

Numerous other contaminants, including prescription, over-the-counter, and recreational pharmaceuticals, are also present in the drinking water in Australia.

There are numerous health advantages to purchasing a home or workplace water cooler, including:

  • Everyone is encouraged to drink more water because it tastes and smells better, and it is healthier since all contaminants have been removed;
  • Dehydration impacts one's mood; hence increasing water consumption in the office lifts everyone's spirits;
  • Water from a water cooler is significantly more hygienic to drink than water from the tap;
  • In addition to keeping one hydrated and healthy, drinking fresh, cooled water increases productivity by hydrating the brain;
  • Because water coolers are more readily available and are regarded as "cool" by children, they encourage children who are prone to dehydration to consume more water;
  • Having more applications for your water cooler in the summer and winter is made possible by some kinds of water coolers that provide chilled, heated, and ambient water;
  • 24/7 accessibility to clean, chilly drinking water; and
  • A water cooler with an integrated cup dispenser provides a hygienic alternative to constantly washing cups or glasses.


Since water doesn't rot, stain, or release scents from the dispenser, most people believe water coolers do not require cleaning or maintenance. It's not the case, though. Except when a new water bottle is needed, we rarely give our water coolers a second thought.

In addition to being difficult to clean over time, germs, mildew, and water stains in water dispensers can be dangerous to your health when ingested. Here's how to simultaneously clean and sanitize your water cooler:

You'll Need

You must first sanitise and clean the water reservoir. If you flush out any leftover cleaning solution before drinking from the water cooler once more, you can do this safely using a dilute bleach solution. What you'll need is as follows:

  • Unscented Bleach
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Warm Water
  • Gloves
  • Basins
  • Scrub Brush With A Long Handle

Additionally, you should clean any removable components like the drip tray, faucet, and nozzle that may have developed mildew over time. If mold is present, you may see a black, grey, or brown residue in or near moist regions. What you'll need is as follows:

  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Hot water

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. For your protection, unplug the water cooler. After all, you'll be dealing with water, so turning off your water cooler will stop electrical mishaps and accidental burns from the hot water dispenser.
  2. Mix 15mL of unscented, 5% bleach with 5L of fresh, clean water to make the cleaning solution. Use it to clean the pipes that flow through your bottled water dispenser and the interior of your water reservoir.
  3. The emptied water bottle should be removed from the dispenser and put aside. By doing this, you'll have easy access to the reservoir and be able to clean the dispenser as needed easily. You might have already noticed some mildew growing around the reservoir.
  4. Fill the reservoir with the provided cleaning solution after draining any excess water in the tank through the tap. Before doing so, you may have to remove the baffle and the spill guard, which you can clean individually.
  5. The entire area should be scrubbed clean with the long-handled, soft-bristled brush. Pay attention to the mildew marks and the crevices you could see through the reservoirs. Starting here, clean your water cooler. Next, set up a basin to catch the water while draining the cleaning product.
  6. Completely drain t water dispenser, and the cleaning solution should be collected in a basin. Then, the cleaning mixture passes through the tubes and pipelines, cleaning and sanitising them. Drain out the entire cleaning solution.

    Do two or three rinse cycles once the chlorine solution has been completely drained to eliminate any leftover substances. Rinse your water cooler repeatedly until all traces of the solution are gone, then refill the reservoir with fresh, pure water. Give the dispenser time to dry fully.
  7. Pour some watered vinegar cleaning solution created with hot water and vinegar over the faucets, drip tray, taps, and other removable parts. Then, you can now clean the removable components with a vinegar solution. However, avoid cleaning the water bottle because it might start to smell like vinegar.

    Allow the parts to soak for at least ten minutes before brushing them clean. Rinse these components, then allow them to air dry before reintroducing them to the water dispenser. The vinegar should have removed any stains, which should have also eliminated any mildew.


Due to people's growing health and environmental consciousness over the past few years, water coolers have grown in popularity. If you're looking for the best place to buy a water dispenser, Ace Water Shop is here!

We also offer bottleless water coolers, benchtop water coolers, water dispensers with fridges, water filters, and so much more. Please contact us today so we can help you with any of your water needs.

By Raven Escabusa


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