We frequently experience foul breath due to the rough mains water in these regions. Even while the water is safe and wholesome to drink, it's the millions of water cooler filters quietly and effectively doing their jobs that enable people to obtain their daily dosage of crisp, delicious drinking water right from the tap.

A water cooler is simple to maintain because it is dependable, low maintenance, and will last for many years. It gives you clean, great-tasting water if you change the filters regularly. As with any appliance, you can take steps to improve your cooler's operation so that, by replacing the filter twice a year, you can provide your office or building with clean drinking water.

According to expert research, sanitising your cooler frequently is crucial to maintaining the best quality of the delivered water.

Every six months, a mains-connected cooler must have its filter changed and sanitised. The quality of the water could decrease and possibly become unsafe to drink after the suggested times. To keep your water cooler in top shape and the water tasting excellent, watch this video to learn how to change the filter and sanitise it quickly.


Make Sure It's CLEAN

Maintaining a clean, shiny exterior for your cooler is a fantastic idea. Using an antibacterial wipe can keep everything looking brand new in only one minute!

Sanitise Regularly

It is advised to sanitise the cooler every six months. To ensure that your water keeps tasting wonderful, just run a sanitising fluid through the water cooler to rid the system of any bacteria.

Sanitization is the process of cleaning and sterilising a water dispenser's (cooler's or fountain's) water-contact parts, particularly the tap mechanism. The surfaces of both bottles and plumbing in refrigerators that come into contact with waste can develop biofilm, which is organic matter, including bacteria. Its purpose is to clean out the cooler of biofilm and other bacterial debris.

Replace Filter Regularly

At the appropriate times, replace the cooler's filter. Since filters often only last six months, it's best to change them twice a year. A filter change takes only a few minutes and is simple.

Turn off and isolate the water supply before pulling and twisting the filter cartridge.

A recommended maintenance schedule can prolong the longevity of your water dispenser by maintaining the cooler running at its optimal level, providing the highest energy efficiency and cooling performance.

Inspect the Drip Tray

Regularly empty and clean the drip tray. Doing it only takes a minute! You only need to remove and empty the drip tray to stop your cooler's dirt accumulation and water leaks.

Occasionally, please take a quick look around the water cooler to ensure that the pipe connections are secure and that the cooler is operating at its peak efficiency.

After all, the water cooler shouldn't increase the water's microbiological content. A properly maintained and wisely used water cooler should produce water of the same calibre as the water that goes through the filter.


There are two ways to enjoy filtered water coolers from Ace Water Shop. One is by buying our water bottle with 7-Stage and 8-Stage Water Filter, and the second is by purchasing a Point-of-Use or Bottleless Water Cooler.

Ace Water Shop's filtered refillable water bottle has an included water filter. You can pick between a 7-stage and an 8-Stage. Each filter comprises mineral balls, a ceramic plate, activated carbon, felt pads, and KDF. All these minerals combine to provide clean and safe water through your water cooler.

We also have a bottleless water cooler that gets water directly from your water supply. It includes two premium quality water filters and a carbon block filter. It guarantees that your bottleless water cooler continuously provides hot or cold, pure, filtered drinking water in busy places like your home office or area of business. Thanks to the excellent quality 8-stage KDF carbon mineral water filter technology, alkaline filtered water is always available. You may have pure, healthy—minimum 80% cost savings over bottled water.


Are you looking to purchase a water cooler? Are you certain of your goals? Here is a list of the various water cooler kinds that we provide. Each water cooler has distinctive qualities that make it ideal for multiple contexts.

Bottled Water Cooler

The most common type of water cooler on this list is a bottled water dispenser. You get clean spring water supplied to your house or business every week or month to ensure you never run out of water, in addition to their clean and stylish designs.

Countertop Water Cooler

Countertop water coolers offer filtered water while not taking up much room, making them perfect for households, small workplaces, or reception areas. It's available in a wide range of models guaranteed to meet your hydration needs, whether you need hot or cold water.

Plumbed-In Water Cooler

Mains water coolers are a less expensive alternative to bottled water. They are an excellent addition to any office workspace and are also referred to as mains-fed water coolers. They're available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the ideal cooler for your workplace needs. You may get endless amounts of filtered and refrigerated water with these plumbed-in water coolers, which draw their water supply from your plumbing.


It's ideal for an office setting where a conventional water cooler is unworkable. Your kitchen countertop is built beneath an under-sink chiller. They supply cool, clean water and are connected to the sink. Since under-sink chillers don't use plastic bottles, they're a space-saving and environmentally friendly alternative.


We are confident that our clients adore the simplicity and practicality of a water cooler in their homes and workplaces. What's not to enjoy, after all, when it provides them with cool, refreshing, filtered water whenever they need it and keeps them well hydrated for longer? However, having cool or hot water available at any time requires energy. So how much power do water coolers consume?

There are several things to consider to determine the cost of operating a water cooler. Since every model is unique, the power consumption of both bottled and mains-fed water coolers will vary.

But regardless of the model, each water cooler's heating and cooling components require a consistent flow of energy to maintain the water comfortably cooled or scalding hot. Additionally, the various power units can range from 74W and above for chilled water to 650W for hot water applicable to most of  line of water coolers.

All water coolers can be left plugged in and on all the time if necessary, but unless used constantly, doing so is not very energy-efficient. Therefore, it is recommended to turn the cooler off at the wall at the end of each day to conserve energy and money.


Do water coolers filter water?

A small tank inside the device keeps cold water, so the consumer doesn't have to wait for chilled water in the typical wall-mounted cooler, often known as a drinking fountain. These appliances typically dispense water that hasn't been treated or filtered straight from the public water supply.

How frequently should a filter be replaced in a water cooler?

The filters are durable, but they don't last indefinitely. Your filters should be changed every six to eight months, as advised.

Is having a water dispenser worthwhile?

Many people choose the water dispenser when forced to make a choice. They are among the greatest dispensers accessible to families because they are simple enough for kids to operate. A water bottle offers the same advantages without all of the drawbacks that go along with them.

How frequently should my water dispenser be cleaned?

You must routinely clean and sterilize your bottled water dispenser if you want to adhere to these acceptable sanitation practices. It is advised to clean once every three to six months.

Are refrigerator water dispensers safe?

Concerning amounts of bacteria have been identified in refrigerator WATER DISPENSERS. Several nasty, potentially harmful bacteria are present in the typical kitchen refrigerator water dispenser, according to a reputable public health agency.

Do water filters remove mould?

An effective under-sink water filter uses considerably better filters out dissolved sediments, bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. It means your pitcher and the filters won't accumulate any more green algae, mould, floating black specks (charcoal particles), silt, stains, or other bacterial buildup.

Is purchasing a water dispenser or water bottle less expensive?

When compared to bottle-less water coolers, bottled water is frequently more economical upfront. That's because they don't need extensive setup and installation by an expert, unlike filtered water coolers.

Which water filter is the most effective?

Reverse osmosis systems are the greatest filters for removing many contaminants from water, particularly potentially hazardous waterborne bacteria. By exerting pressure on the water, the filters' reverse osmosis membrane is forced through.


Ace Water Shop is your one-stop online shop for water solutions in Australia. If you're looking for a water cooler with a built-in water filter, you've come to the right place. Shop for the right water cooler for your home and office from our collection. We guarantee to provide you with premium quality water filters and other water solutions.

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime for answers and clarifications.

By Raven Escabusa


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