More people have been trying to find natural alternatives when it comes to taking care of their health. There's no wonder that using Maifan Stones has been a hit for those conscious about the water they use. Let's find out the Maifan Stone benefits and why it's good at filtering your water.


Maifan Stone is a unique mineral rock that heals a variety of skin ailments for millennia. Plagioclase feldspar, orthoclase feldspar, hornblende, and biotite are among the silicate minerals that make up biotite. Maifan Stone has a large capacity for ion exchange and the adsorption of soluble heavy metals. It also has a large capacity for chemical contaminants in the water. It does this while also releasing rich minerals and boosting pH alkalinity levels gently. Maifan Stone is high in micronutrients. Examples of micronutrients include calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and selenium. They're all necessary for human health.

Furthermore, many mineral water manufacturers dissolve a small amount of Maifan Stone in their products during the manufacturing process. By doing this, it increases the water's micronutrient density. You can dip rice and tea in Maifan Stone while washing it in ordinary cooking to boost their health benefits. The "ozone" effect of Maifan Stones improves the biological activity of water by increasing the dissolved oxygen concentration. Some refer to it as "water activation." Maifan Stone is a "cell detergent" for this reason. Maifan Stone has a dual adsorption effect. It has a great adsorption ability for heavy metal ions and toxins in the water and reduces bacteria numbers. Also, it slows their reproduction rate. Maifan stone successfully removes mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, other heavy metals, and fluoride and disinfection dissolved gases like chlorine.


  1. Mineral-rich: Maifan stone includes more than 30 different types of constant and trace elements that are required by the human body, according to modern research.
  2. PH value Adjustment: Maifan Stone's water is slightly alkaline. So, t slightly alkaline water can help with physical fitness, sub-health, and disease prevention.
  3. Help Blood Circulation: Maifan stone lowers blood pressure, reduces blood fat, improves beauty, and slows aging.


There are many Maifan Stone benefits that you enjoy if you try. It contains up to 70 trace elements, including potassium, sodium, calcium, and manganese. All of the elements are necessary for the human blood and fluid system to function properly. pH balance, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and detoxification are just a few of its many advantages.

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By Raven Escabusa


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