With the weather becoming colder as 2022 draws to a close, drinking a hot cup of tea at your workstation while working may become a need! While you're waiting for another kettle to boil, you might consider whether a hot and cold water cooler dispenser is a better solution. A hot water cooler dispenser has several advantages over a kettle to keep your hot drink needs satisfied. It provides an instant, constant supply of purified, boiling water from various dispensers to meet any office size.

If you feel like you need a cup of tea or hot cocoa to lift your spirits, you may want it to be ready in minutes. Days are gone of boiling water in a basin on the gas stove for a few cups of coffee water. It was time-consuming and costly, and we frequently burned our hands owing to the high temperatures. We now have electrical gadgets that can rapidly boil a cup of water. These appliances make your life easier and have become a need in today's world.

When a consumer has a lot of choices, it isn't easy to pick one, especially when the prices are so disparate. If you don't already own one of these appliances and are considering purchasing one, these two choices might tear you apart. Both of these devices have a lot in common, yet each offers a different set of functions. An Instant Hot Water Dispenser or an Electric Kettle? Which should you choose? What's the difference between a kettle and a hot water dispenser that produces immediate hot water? Are hot water dispensers more effective than an electric kettle, and, more importantly, are they more practical than an electric kettle? Let's look at this article and see if it answers all of your questions.


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The electric kettle is also referred to as an electric tea kettle because of its design based on a classic tea kettle. The only difference is that it boils water using electricity. It's incredibly simple to use an electric kettle. You need to fill it with water, put it into a socket, and turn it on. You'll get your heated water reading in a few minutes, ready to drink or make a hot tea. Like a hot water dispenser, an electric kettle boils water faster in a few minutes. Compared to a hot water dispenser, it is also incredibly portable because you can take it with you anywhere you go and quickly pour water. It is a point-of-use machine in the case of a hot water dispenser.

Electric kettles are often slightly less costly compared to hot water dispensers and are not excessively expensive. The electric kettle is more cost-effective and suitable for a lesser water capacity requirement. Compared to the hot water dispenser, you have a very small water capacity. It is only ideal for 3 to 5 people, such as a small family or a small office.


An instant water dispenser is a device that provides hot water immediately, as the name implies. Tea, coffee, and instant noodles can all be made in under a minute. Although hot water dispensers have been around for a long time, they have become increasingly popular. The electric kettle was among the first rapid water boiling appliances to gain popularity, but today the hot water dispenser is gaining over.

There are portable hot water dispensers that we use in offices or kitchens, and you can use this gadget in your house as well as at your office to give your family and staff a cut of tea or coffee, and then there are piped in ones that are suitable for a large firm.

The most appealing aspect of this equipment is its low cost. It's reasonably priced and is available in a variety of price levels. You can certainly spend more money to acquire additional features, but you can also get a quality one for a cheaper price. The cost can sometimes be as little as an electric kettle.


When picking the perfect appliance, one of the most common queries is whether one is more effective. An instant hot water dispenser uses roughly the same amount of power as an electric kettle to boil around 500ml of water, but if you use the electric kettle frequently, you are wasting a lot of energy. If you have a 10- to the 20-person office and an electric kettle, you will require at least 3 to 4 refills. The exteriors lose the majority of the energy, making it inefficient.

On the other hand, a hot water dispenser has a significantly bigger water capacity, and many superior models allow you to select the amount of water you require. The water dispenser would only boil that amount of water. You also have a self-stop option, which means that once the water reaches a certain temperature, the hot water dispenser turns off automatically. Because it has a high capacity, you may practically double or triple the amount of water you can boil, making it more energy efficient than an electric kettle.


Hot and cold water cooler dispensers were originally thought to be useful to industrial kitchens, but they were not required in many other locations. In many workplaces, however, they are quickly replacing kettles, and the opportunity to consume boiling hot water right from the tap makes for a much more efficient workplace in more ways than one.

Have instant hot or cold water by a freestanding boiler tap or as a component of your water cooler. Because of the variety of styles and functions available on the market, they are a versatile solution for any workplace. Compared to a regular kettle, hot water dispensers come in tabletop and freestanding models and offer many additional benefits. Let's take a closer look at these.

Instant Boiling Water

Boiling the kettle repeatedly in busy places such as nurseries, offices, schools, and break rooms is inefficient. A water dispenser connected to the mains can offer hot or cold water as needed, and each cup of tea or coffee will be ready much faster.

Water Capacity

Water cooler dispensers can serve up to 20 people without having to refill them. For example, a top-loading bottle dispenser may distribute 80 cups of hot water without needing to be filled. Isn't that enough to feed your small group of guests?

You can only obtain a maximum of 5 cups each boil using a kettle. You may need boiling water several times for a large coffee and tea round.


Boiling a kettle repeatedly wastes both time and energy. Furthermore, overusing a kettle wastes electricity because it loses heat throughout the boiling process. It uses far less energy and waste as little as possible. They're a terrific investment for businesses wishing to run more sustainably and save money on energy.

Lesser Limescale

A build-up of white, chalky residue — limescale – is likely to be seen inside the work kettle. It's especially true in locations with hard water. Limescale will fall off the kettle over time and float in your drinks, which isn't something you want to happen throughout a client meeting or even your morning brew. Limescale reduction filters are included in most water dispensers. Their cleaning programs hunt for and eliminate limescale before it becomes an issue.

Safe to Use

Dispensers are both safe and simple to use. Even if we all know how to operate a kettle, accidents happen, and the risk of splashing boiling water while pouring by hand is far higher. Safety locks are included in hot water dispensers to guarantee that the hot tap does not accidentally switch on or start running, posing a threat. Many organisations may have colleagues, guests, or customers with movement challenges who find it difficult to lift, refill, or pour from a standard kettle. Everyone may use the simple tap on a hot water dispenser because it is safer and easier to use.

Saves Money

It takes a long time for the kettle to boil, and we understand how valuable your time is. So why squander time that could be better spent elsewhere? Instant hot water from a hot water dispenser means you spend less time waiting and more hours doing what matters to you. And, thanks to the energy savings provided by our hot water dispensers, your savings are likely to grow even more.

Time Saver

You don't want to wait for a hot drink when you want one. Whether you favour tea or coffee, you don't head to the kettle anticipating the time it will take for you to boil the kettle — you expect to have your drink! Your water will be ready in a flash with an instant water dispenser. The days of refilling and waiting for the kettle are passed.


Dispensers of hot water are extremely safe and simple to operate. As a result, they're appropriate for use in any setting where persons may have mobility issues. Picking up, refilling, and pouring from a kettle might be challenging. Not to mention the fact that the water is already boiling. The dispenser has a simple hot water faucet that allows anyone to fill a mug with boiling water fast and safely.


Kettle or Hot Water Dispenser: Which Is Better?

Typically, the electric kettle is slightly less expensive than the hot water dispenser and is not prohibitively expensive. The only distinction is that it boils water using electricity. The electric kettle is more cost-effective and suitable for lesser volumes. But if you want to save time and money (in the long run), and cater to more people, then a water dispenser is the best option.

Are Heated Water Dispensers Safe?

Water dispensers provide clean, filtered water since no dirt travels through the device. It's completely safe, and it includes an integrated filter system that sieves and screens all pollutants and microorganisms.


Keeping a water boiler hot is less expensive than regularly refilling and boiling a kettle. Here's an example of the price of a kettle vs. a water boiler.

Kettle (80p/day)

Assume a department or small firm has 20 employees, each of whom drinks four cups of tea or coffee per day. It adds up to 80 cups in total. With only 5 cups on average every boil, your kettle won't be getting much of a break - even if your employees are.

The kettle wastes 64 minutes of boiling time every day by doing 16 boils at 4 minutes each.

That's possibly over an hour of waiting every day – and you're spending it in pounds and pence while they're boiling instead of working.

Water Dispenser (68.5/day)

A water boiler refills itself and only boils the water required at each serving while in use. It 'heats' for 30 seconds for each mug of water removed (1 minute for 2 cups, 2 minutes for 4 cups, and so on). During 14 hours (0.86p per hour), or 20.6p per day, a 3kW boiler on the idle mode will consume 0.07kW/h.

The dispenser will be running for 40 minutes (0.66 hours) throughout the day for 20 persons consuming 80 mugs (3kW x 0.66h = 1.98kWh 1.98 x 12p = 23.7p per day).


A water dispenser is a must-have for anyone searching for a fast glass of cold or hot water at home. Here are some other reasons to own a water dispenser:

Easy to Maintain

Water dispensers are not just a quick and easy way to receive a drink of water. It's also a simple to clean and maintain the home appliance. Aside from that, water dispensers are simple to put together. After plugging in your dispenser, you'll be able to use it within minutes.

Remember to check your water dispenser once a month to guarantee that you have clean water at home. You can call your local online appliance retailer for any routine maintenance and worries if you need replacements.


It's preferable to have a water dispenser. A water dispenser is safe and space-saving, but it is also environmentally friendly. The majority of water is delivered in ecologically damaging plastic bottles.

Water dispensers are made of reusable plastic bottles and jugs, which can help you limit the quantity of plastic waste in your home. Having a water dispenser is one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives for reducing waste and lowering your carbon footprint.


Getting one of these appliances will allow you to address your hot water needs quickly. At the end of each day, what you choose will be determined by your needs, money, counter space, and the size of your counter space.

Ace Water Shop believes in supplying high-quality water and giving solutions that are both sustainable and environmentally beneficial. Our hot and cold water dispensers are perfect for crowded offices, stores, factories, hospitals, and school staff rooms. Please take a look at our selection of instant hot water dispensers today.

By Raven Escabusa


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