Best Point Of Use Water Cooler Buying Guide

A point-of-use water cooler, or also known as a POU or on-demand water dispenser, is a cutting-edge kitchen gadget. It connects directly to a home's water supply, unlike its competitors, which require the use of a refillable water bottle. As a result, you won't have to worry about your family running out of clean drinking water.

A point-of-use or bottle-less water cooler is a machine that delivers hot and cold water without the need for huge plastic bottles. Many people are familiar with 1-, 5-, or 10-gallon water coolers that require lifting, turning upside down, and attach to the top of a heavy water jug. On the other hand, a point-of-use cooler delivers easy-to-access drinking water while also eliminating the need for bottles! They filter and generate clean water for a large number of people in a single location. As long as the cooler's filter is functional, it can also distribute as much water as you desire at a time.


Many people are perplexed about how point-of-use coolers can create clean drinking water without bottled, filtered water.

Connect the machine to the water line in your building, supplied by the local water supply. This "tap" water pumps through the machine's high-quality filtration and purification system. The built-in filtration mechanism in these coolers purifies the water from the device to the dispenser. After that, depending on whatever nozzle the consumer presses, the water is either chilled or heated internally and pours clean water into a container.

Depending on your company's demands, point-of-use coolers come in a range of forms and sizes. If you are delivering water to a huge number of people daily, for example, you'll probably go for a big standing unit. Certain businesses prefer countertop units because they are smaller, more compact, and ideal for smaller groups of everyday water consumers.

Point-of-use coolers have the advantage of only needing to be installed once. After installation, the cooler will never need to be replaced or refilled with water! It would help if you replaced the filters regularly. Filter replacement, on the other hand, is a simple and painless procedure.





The convenience and low-maintenance components are, unsurprisingly, the top benefits of point-of-use coolers for most firms. Bottle-less coolers eliminate the need for businesses to buy, lift, and store large quantities of water regularly. Consider how much space you'll save in your storage closet or on the floor of your break room once you stop buying gallons!

With a point-of-use cooler, you only need to contact your provider once to install the cooler, once to change the filter a few times throughout the year, and once to remove it (if necessary). Meanwhile, enjoy a clean, limitless supply of water — and save a ton of time and effort that would have gone into maintaining a gallon cooler.

Safe and Clean Water

Many individuals are unaware of the numerous health benefits of utilizing bottle-free coolers. The filtration and sanitation systems in these coolers are state-of-the-art. The water that is discharged is exceptionally pure. Plus, because the machine can disinfect and clean itself, you won't have to worry about bacteria growing on it over time.

Furthermore, the plastic in water bottles contains a dangerous chemical called BPA. It can cause health problems if taken in high quantities. You can completely avoid utilizing toxins in plastics by using a bottle-less cooler.

Safer for the Environment

A point-of-use water cooler has numerous "green" advantages and is more convenient, affordable, and cleaner. To begin with, employing a bottle-less cooler eliminates the use of disposable plastic throughout your firm. You'd be utilizing a water supply that your building currently uses and pays for. Second, delivery companies would be unable to bring truckloads of water to your site without frequent water deliveries, posing an environmental risk.


Did you realize how much you spend on accounting for the cost of bottling and delivering water? When you buy bottled water, whether little bottles or gallons for your cooler, you pay 90 percent more because of bottling costs such as production, packing, and transportation. Bottled water costs between 240 and 10,000 times more than tap water, according to Quench.

Only pay for installation and filter change, and you'll save a lot of money. Switching to point-of-use coolers is predicted to save businesses 20 to 50 percent on water costs. Furthermore, many organizations conduct filter replacements on their own, saving them even more money year after year.

Unlimited Hot and Cold Water Supply

You'll never run out of water with a point-of-use cooler, and you'll save money on water delivery throughout the summer months. Whatever the case may be, you'll make sure your office is well-stocked with water to keep everyone hydrated.


Water Filtration Method

Some water coolers include filtration systems. Others will require that you connect them to the water supply via an in-line system. Unless you already have one, you'll want a cooler with a built-in filtration system or one that comes with it. Furthermore, the system should be efficient (reverse-osmosis systems with alkaline filters are usually the best), have a large capacity, and be inexpensive. It's to avoid frequent spending on replacements.


Features such as child safety protection and night lights may be useful depending on the water cooler's intended function. If power outages are common in your location, seek a system that has a backup operation and overload protection. Certain consumers appreciate self-cleaning functions. Many users will also enjoy the dishwasher-safe drip tray. Finally, double-check the size of the system you're considering to ensure it will fit where you want it.


Some systems only provide cold or room temperature water. Others feature dispensers with both cold and hot water. There are additional water dispensers that dispense hot, cold, and warm water. It would help examine your needs before choosing a method or selecting a system in the latter category. It's to ensure that it meets all of your needs. Remember that not every system allows you to adjust the cold water temperature they supply, and their water flow rate varies. If you live alone or are buying a water cooler for a small family, most systems should suffice. You'll want a system with a higher flow rate and storage capacity if you're buying one for an office, institution, or commercial enterprise.


You want a water cooler you can count on because failures can cause various problems, ranging from little irritants like low water temperatures to significant issues like water damage from leaks. You don't want it to wake everyone up or disrupt your job. Therefore it should be silent or at least not extremely loud. Lastly, you want your water cooler to use as little electricity as possible while lasting a long time. Looking for a system with an Energy Star certification and a long warranty is the best approach to ensure this. The responsiveness of the seller's customer service may also play a role in your level of happiness.


Although many people believe that bottled water is a safer option than tap water, this is not the case. According to research conducted by Orb Media and NY State University in March 2018, 93 percent of bottled water includes microplastics. It's also fairly costly, and the packaging is harmful to the environment.

A bottom-loading water dispenser only cools or warms bottled water, so you'll have to keep extra bottles on hand and replace the empty ones, which will cost you money and time. On the other hand, a bottle-less water cooler allows you to drink clean, great-tasting water at your preferred temperature without having to make any extra effort.

After connecting it to the water source, your main concern will be replacing the water filters every few months. It'll be as simple as changing the bottle on a bottom-loading water dispenser, but you'll save money and get cleaner, safer water whenever you need it.


Aside from your home, there are other great locations that a point-of-use dispenser could be perfect!


Businesses must provide water for several employees daily, regardless of their size. Water must be provided to many different employees regularly in office buildings that house several enterprises. Point-of-use coolers enable offices to provide a handy, clean source of filtered water while also saving money. Businesses can save up to 50% on the water by converting to this type of cooler, allowing them to increase revenue without sacrificing quality!

Health Facilities

Large medical centers frequently have a large number of doctors, nurses, and patients. They must ensure that hardworking medical workers, patients, and relatives never run out of water. Furthermore, medical centers will benefit from being able to provide cleaner, purer water than bottled water.

Fitness Centers

During their workouts, trainers and exercisers consume a lot of water! As a company owner, you must ensure that your customers are well hydrated and obtain the water to power their exercises. Many guests will also bring their water bottles, which will refill easily at a point-of-use cooler.


Teachers and children occupy a large amount of space in schools, and they will almost certainly want access to water. There are classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, teachers' lounges, and other facilities requiring clean water. Furthermore, many schools are on a tight budget and may not purchase frequent shipments of bottled water. Installing a plumbed-in water supply will allow you to keep all of your school's pupils, instructors, and staff hydrated in numerous regions while also saving money.


Finding the best point-of-use water cooler depends on your research and needs. What Ace Water Coolers can assure you is that switching to bottle-less water coolers, it's a great change. It's convenient, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly compared to traditional dispensers.

Check out Ace Water Coolers bottle-less water cooler offering in Australia and start changing the way you use dispensers! Contact us today.

By Raven Escabusa


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