To keep our health on top, we often try to boost our immune system with different methods that we believe will help us stay healthier. Eating greens, doing sports or consuming beverages that are rich in minerals and vitamins are just some of the tricks we do when aiming for a healthier, fitter or stronger version of ourselves. But what about lemon water?

We hear a lot about the health benefits of water mixed with lemon juice. It not only strengthens our immune system, but many times it is associated with weight loss as well. 

In this article we are going to walk you through the benefits and side-effects of lemon water. We will also give you some alternatives you can try, that might even be better for your health in the long term. 

Read thoroughly to find out both the positive and negative sides of this popular drink you might have heard a lot about. So if you are planning to try drinking lemon water to experience its effects on your own skin, here’s what you need to know about it in advance:

What is Lemon Water?

Without any doubts, lemon is a great source of Vitamin C, but there is a long list of other reasons why lemon water is more and more popular at every age. During the last decade, lemon water was put on a pedestal and became a simple solution for many health issues.

Celebrities, the members of the wellness community, and influencers can’t stop praising the great benefits of water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Whether you want to boost your immune system, lose weight, get rid of your wrinkles, improve the aspect of your skin or hair, lemon water has got your back. 

But what exactly is lemon water? For those, who might never heard of lemon water, it is warm water mixed with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. People usually drink it in the morning, before breakfast, but you can drink it all through your day if you wish to. 

Does lemon water really worth drinking or is it just a hype that won’t give you the promising results? 

The Benefits of Lemon Water 

Before discussing the most important health benefits of lemon water, we need to mention that you will need to know your limit with drinking this beverage. Health professionals and nutritionist advice against consuming too much of this water, so please do not make a conclusion without reading the side-effects of lemon water as well.

Here are the benefits that undoubtedly make lemon water a good choice if you aim for a healthier lifestyle:

Lemon water is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, calcium iron. These are all beneficial to your health and also, they are essential to keep a healthy diet.

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is also a go-to. As you sleep, your body dehydrates, so it is important to hydrate yourself when you wake up. Rehydrating your body will help your organism stay healthier, also your skin and hair will look so much better if you drink enough fluids.

Lemon water is often part of diet plans, so if you want to lose some weight drinking lemon water can also help you reach your weight loss goals. It doesn’t necessarily help you burn calories, but you can choose lemon water instead drinking fruit juices, sugar drinks, vitamin water or milk. It contains a lot less calories than the ones mentioned.

The Side-effects of Lemon Water 

It is not an easy task to argue against the health benefits of lemon water. However, as almost everything we consume, lemon water has also got its disadvantages as well.

Nutritionists and health professionals are not always on the same side when it comes to discussing the impact of lemon water on human health. Some say that it is the simplest, cheapest and easiest thing you can do to keep your health on top, while others advise against drinking it.

Let’s see what are the negative impacts and side effects of drinking lemon water: 

The first thing nutritionists say is that you should not drink too much lemon water. Going overboard with lemon water can lead to serious health issues, so it is essential to know the healthy limit and don’t drink lemon water day and night just to lose weight.

One of the most important side-effects of drinking too much lemon water is enamel erosion. This means that the acid in lemon can seriously destroy your teeth. So instead of drinking it straight from a glass, try to use a straw and pay extra attention on the health of your teeth.

Drinking lemon water can also lead to heartburn.

Another disadvantage is the diuretic effect that is caused by drinking water with too much lemon in it. Diuretic effect counters lemon water’s promising hydration properties. 

Lemon water is often associated with diets and weight loss plans, but the truth is that lemon has not much to do with weight loss. Alongside the regular exercise and healthy eating, it is water that helps you with digestion and losing actual weight.

Tips and Tricks to a Healthier Alternative

Now that you are familiar with both the advantages and disadvantages of lemon water, you can decide whether it is worth trying or not. 

One thing is sure: if you decide to drink lemon water every morning instead of coffee or tea, make sure that you use high-quality water when preparing your beverage. To lower the health risks, we recommend you to drink filtered water instead of simple tag water or bottled water.

This way you can enjoy the pure taste of home filtered water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and also you won’t have to worry about the environmental impact of plastic waste caused by purchasing bottled water.

Wrapping Up 

Lemon water is rich in beneficial minerals, vitamins and other elements that are good for your health, but it can also lead to some issues if you drink it without setting a healthy limit. It is more than important to ensure that the water you use to prepare your drink is safe-to-consume, so getting a professional water filter system installed should be the first step of creating a new routine. 

To keep yourself healthy, combine your morning ritual of mixing warm filtered water with lemon juice with regular exercise and eating good-quality, healthy food and you will surely be satisfied with the results! 

If you are not sure what type of water filter system would be the best choice for your needs, visit our webshop and ask our water filter experts about the latest products manufactured by industry-leading professionals.

By Raven Escabusa


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