Discover how a floor standing water cooler can transform your workspace into a hub of productivity and wellbeing. A simple change with profound benefits, it's time to hydrate your office in style.

In today’s hyper-productive work environment, it’s easy to overlook small elements that can significantly enhance overall employee well-being and efficiency. One such element that often flies under the radar is the humble water cooler. It's more than just a gadget that keeps your water cold; it's a crucial component that improves the workspace's ambience and function. Today, we’re going to highlight why your workspace needs a floor standing water cooler now more than ever!

Hydrated Employees are Happy Employees

We all know that our bodies need water to function effectively. But it's staggering just how much even slight dehydration can affect productivity and mood. Staying properly hydrated improves cognitive function, boosts mood, and prevents fatigue. It's no wonder that having an easily accessible water source like a freestanding water cooler dispenser can have a tremendous impact on employees' overall performance and happiness.

The Iconic Water Cooler Moments

Water cooler conversations are more than just a chance to catch up on the latest episode of a popular TV show. These informal moments often foster creativity, build team cohesion, and improve overall job satisfaction. With a floor standing water cooler, you're not just investing in a hydration station - you're investing in a hub for these crucial moments.

A Touch of Class with Utility

A floor standing water cooler also adds a touch of class to your workspace. With sleek design and aesthetic appeal, these water coolers uplift the entire look of your office. Take our freestanding water cooler dispenser with fridge, for instance. Its minimalist design coupled with the utility of an in-built fridge makes it a smart choice for any contemporary workspace.

Go Green with a Bottleless Option

If sustainability is a core value for your business, then opting for a bottleless water cooler dispenser can reduce plastic waste. It connects directly to your water supply and filters it on the spot, providing endless refreshment without the environmental impact of bottled water.


Easy Maintenance and Durability

Floor standing water coolers are built to last, and their maintenance is a breeze. With easy-to-clean components and hassle-free setup, you can enjoy fresh and chilled water without any worries. The sturdy design also ensures that the cooler can handle daily use without any issues.

Space-Savvy Solution

Floor standing water coolers are remarkably space-efficient. They offer a freestanding design that fits neatly into corners or against walls, taking up minimal floor space. This makes them perfect for any size of workspace, from compact start-ups to expansive corporate offices.

Promoting Health and Wellness

As workplaces become more focused on employee health and wellness, the water cooler stands as a symbol of this shift. Offering both cold and hot water options, these coolers encourage healthy habits like drinking herbal

teas, hot lemon water, or simply staying hydrated throughout the day. Moreover, the regular movement to and from the water cooler provides mini-breaks that can help employees stretch their legs, rest their eyes, and momentarily disconnect, boosting overall productivity.

A Cost-Effective Solution

You might think that having a floor standing water cooler in your workspace is a luxury you can't afford. However, the truth is that it's a cost-effective solution when you consider the long-term benefits. Enhanced productivity, improved morale, better health, and a more attractive workspace - all these benefits can be obtained for a small initial investment. Over time, this one-time investment can save businesses the cost of lost productivity due to employee fatigue or dissatisfaction.


An Inclusive Move

A floor standing water cooler serves as a neutral ground in the office. It doesn't matter if you're the CEO or an intern, everyone meets at the water cooler. This can foster a sense of community and inclusivity in the workspace. The act of serving and being served water signifies a level playing field, making it an important step in creating a positive and inclusive office culture.

A Quiet Performer

Noise pollution is a serious concern in many offices. Thankfully, floor standing water coolers are silent performers. They cool water efficiently without contributing to the ambient noise, making your office a more peaceful place to work.

Added Convenience for Employees

Imagine the comfort and convenience when your employees don’t have to walk to the nearest cafe or fast food chain just to get a cold drink, especially during hot weather. A freestanding water cooler dispenser right within your workspace can provide instant cold water at any time of the day.

Satisfies Different Beverage Preferences

A water cooler doesn’t just cater to plain water drinkers. With the provision of hot, cold, and room temperature water, it caters to a variety of beverage preferences. Employees can easily make a cup of hot tea, a refreshing lemonade, or a quick instant coffee right in the office.

Attracts and Retains Quality Employees

A well-equipped and comfortable workspace is a great factor in attracting and retaining quality employees. Facilities like a modern freestanding water cooler dispenser with fridge can make a difference in showing how much a company values its employees' comfort and well-being.


Customizable Water Temperatures

A floor standing water cooler typically comes with adjustable temperature controls, making it customizable to the varying preferences of your team. The option to quickly change between hot and cold water encourages more regular hydration.

Reducing Sick Days

Regular hydration boosts the immune system and can help ward off illness, while hot water is often used for sanitization purposes. By ensuring easy access to both, you're indirectly contributing to fewer sick days in the office.


When we consider the numerous benefits of a floor standing water cooler - from promoting hydration to encouraging healthy habits, fostering teamwork, saving space, and more - it's clear that this isn't just a luxury. It's a fundamental element of a modern, efficient workspace.

If you're looking to enhance your workspace environment, don't overlook the impact of a floor standing water cooler. At Ace Water Shop, we offer a wide range of water coolers, from the feature-packed freestanding water cooler dispenser with fridge, the compact and stylish freestanding water cooler dispenser, to the eco-friendly bottleless water cooler dispenser.

Invest in a floor standing water cooler today and make a significant step towards creating a more productive, healthy, and positive work environment. Your employees - and your bottom line - will thank you!

By Raven Escabusa


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