Gathering around the office Point of Use Water Cooler is not a terrible thing or waste of time. Research has shown that water cooler discussions are beneficial since they keep employees hydrated. It also gives their minds a break and a boost and prevents tiredness at work.

While it's a great concept to create a setting where water cooler talk is acceptable and comfortable for everybody, there is some etiquette to follow, such as:

  • Interpersonal interactions will strengthen if you talk about your interests and hobbies in informal conversation.
  • Asking questions is a terrific approach to learn more about your coworkers and discover what makes them "tick,". But make the interaction light and unobtrusive.
  • Workplace banter can be therapeutic, but be wary of disclosing personal issues, as this might make others uncomfortable. It would help if you only discussed private matters with close friends.
  • Watercooler chats are one of the best ways to exchange useful ideas in a casual setting.
  • Don't take over the water cooler. Some folks actually want a quick drink of water and don't want to talk. So be mindful of this and don't push it.
  • Gossip and drama around the water cooler may quickly escalate. So be careful what you talk about and don't get too worked up over something if you're having a poor day.
  • Maintain a light tone in your chat and prevent bringing up sensitive themes such as politics or religion. These discussions can easily turn heated and lead to difficulties, so save them for your family and friends.
  • It's an unspoken rule in the professional world that you should never discuss money amongst coworkers. Don't bring it up. Promotions should not be discussed, either.


  • Religion or Politics: We each have our perspectives on our issues. Discussing religion with an agnostic or who has different viewpoints is not a good idea. It may rapidly get extremely personal. The same goes for politics!
  • Relationships: Only airing your dirty laundry at work with a coworker with whom you are buddies outside of work is a smart idea. Talking about the night before with your partner is a clear case of Too Much Information (TMI).
  • Finances: Talking about salary, bonuses, or how much you paid for that new car is a no-no. It will make at least one individual in the conversation feel uneasy, ashamed, or even envious.
  • Health: It's not cool to give a thorough account of your visit to the gastroenterologist or how your gout impacts you. If someone inquires about your health, a quick update is acceptable, but no more.

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Water coolers in the office are a terrific method to stay hydrated and healthy. We all need to drink water regularly to stay hydrated and healthy and keep our minds fresh. It helps us be able to function efficiently at work. Drinking water daily can also help with fatigue, depression, and a variety of other health issues.

Surprisingly, investing in an office water cooler is also beneficial to any firm. In addition to keeping employees healthy and productive, they also encourage what is known as "water cooler discussions,". It's useful to many employers.


Water cooler discussions are not a waste of time, as many people believe. It's an excellent opportunity for networking and bonding among coworkers. While pausing to fetch a refreshing glass of cooled water from the water cooler is perfect for you. It's also a nice way to socialize with your coworkers!

By Raven Escabusa


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