It always pays to be diligent and weigh your options regarding rehydration for your home or place of business. If you're trying to pick between a benchtop and a standing water cooler for your purposes, consider your surroundings. A benchtop can be the ideal option for you if there is little floor space. How do cold water filters for your water coolers function, and what are they? Are benchtop water cooler dispensers a practical choice for tight areas?


The water filters are present in water dispensers and serve the purpose of chilling drinking water. It would help if you connected to the main water supply for the system to function. You also must add a new filter due to the typical filtering and disinfection procedure used by most potable water suppliers, which aids in further filtering any chemicals and chlorine that may have remained in the water. You might be staring at a 5-micron carbon block filter being utilised, depending on your source, to get the best results.

It indicates that the filter in question will filter out microorganisms with a diameter of at least 5 microns. Depending on their package, some suppliers may include a sediment filter that can trap particles as small as one micron. They will also offer to periodically clean and maintain your water filter system so that you always have access to safe, clean water.


A cold water filter is excellent if you want fast potable water with fewer potential chemicals. Some solutions available could allow you the flexibility to DIY your water filter installation, depending on your decision. However, it could be better to let a professional install your filtration system when it concerns your health. You could relax knowing that your system will function flawlessly because it would have been built precisely and in the most time- and energy-saving manner feasible.

Ask your provider if they perform installations while shopping for your new water filtration system; most of them do it as part of their list of services. In addition, find out the credentials of their personnel and confirm that they are educated about the item they would be installed in your preferred area. Due to their knowledge of the product's installation requirements and their level of experience, a well-qualified staff will ensure that their installation causes little to no disturbance to your day.

In addition, find out if your potential supplier offers monthly filter replacements. If used for longer than intended, filters can degrade over time and lose effectiveness. Companies that sell water filtration systems frequently offer and include monthly filter changes in the monthly billing, which will significantly contribute to guaranteeing that you always have clean, delectable water.


Low Running Costs

The bottom line is a crucial factor in making decisions for most enterprises. As a result, you should be aware that maintaining a water cooler requires significantly less power than maintaining a vending machine. As you need to change the bottle, there is also far less upkeep than restocking the vending machine, which takes time and resources.

Healthy Alternative

While giving your staff a sugar rush might seem like a wonderful way to energize them. The subsequent sugar fall can significantly reduce productivity. Fresh, cold water is a healthier substitute for sugary sodas and hot drinks with lots of caffeine. The crew will be encouraged to stay properly hydrated by having access to high-quality drinking water, lowering the likelihood that anyone will experience the 3 o'clock slump in productivity.

Lesser Risk of Pollutants

Most people are conscious that tap water may include several toxins that could be dangerous. These pollutants have been linked to a higher risk of acquiring both seemingly minor ailments like gastrointestinal problems and serious illnesses like cancer. Unfortunately, any employee illness puts pressure on the company's financial stability. By providing a clean and secure source of drinking water, you can lessen this risk, though.

Little Break

While it can seem like a waste of business time to observe your employees strolling to the water cooler, this may not be the case. According to research, taking a little mental break while working on a task can significantly improve focus. The chance to rehydrate and stretch your legs can increase your productivity. According to the research, it is best to work for 52 minutes and then take a 17-minute rest. Before returning to work, you have just enough time for a quick gossip and a stroll to the cooler.

Boost Morale

Additionally, a water cooler can subtly improve morale. The typical employee works for roughly 60% of their waking hours. Most of this time is spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer. It's simple to overlook sufficient hydration as work builds up quickly. However, a quick trip to the water cooler and a few hellos along the way might improve the mood at work.


Keep in a Cool, Dry Place

It's a great idea to store your 15-liter water bottles in a dark, cold location, just like you would most food and drink items. You can find these ideal circumstances in a pantry or refrigerator, but if that is not possible, you must ensure that your bottles aren't stored in direct sunlight. Long periods of exposure to the sun can heat the water, effectively cooking it, which might cause your water to taste a touch flat and dull.

Avoid Placing it Near Toxic Elements

It can be a mistake for homeowners to store their water bottles in the garage, even though this is what many believe to be the best option. You shouldn't keep your bottled water close to any hazardous substances, such as paint thinner, gasoline, or other household cleaners. These substances might seep through the plastic and jeopardize the water's safety. Even if astringent cleaning chemicals are not particularly detrimental to your health, you should avoid having your water bottle smell like them because plastic can absorb smells and odours.

Supply Rotation

Rotate your supply of water bottles even if you intend to keep them for a short period. Developing the habit of stock rotation is a good idea, even when sealed bottles have an extremely extended shelf life. It implies placing the oldest bottles to the front so they are ready for use as you store new bottles. If the bottles are stored in a rack, choose one corner as the beginning point so you may rotate your stock counterclockwise or upward to avoid forgetting the oldest bottles.

Organize Storage

Last but not least, think about your storage alternatives. You want to avoid having two or three 15-liter water cooler bottles fall on you. Avoid just stacking the bottles because this might be extremely dangerous. A suitable rack is essential if you intend to store more than one or two cooler bottles. It will guarantee that the bottles are stored securely to prevent mishaps.


"It's Only for Offices"

Water dispensers are useful not only in large business settings but also in smaller settings like homes. Look over your supplier's selection and decide which items fit your space the best. Think about a smaller benchtop variety for your kitchen or tiny office waiting area.

"It's Complicated"

While it is true that your water dispenser needs some maintenance, this is neither laborious nor time-consuming. The key thing you must do is frequently clean out your drip tray and empty it. If any further care is necessary, your supplier will be able to inform you and will also be available to fix any problems with your water cooler if they arise.

"Replacing the Bottle is a Hassle!"

Nothing is more wrong than it is. If you're concerned that you'll have to carry 15-liter water bottles back and forth, remember that your water supplier will deliver refills right to your door, allowing you to keep your water cooler filled off and ready to go.

"It's Expensive"

Many consumers are reluctant to install a water dispenser since they believe it will be too expensive. In actuality, renting a water dispenser is fairly affordable, and the associated costs are very low. Ask about discounts when choosing a business to install a water dispenser for you; you might be eligible to earn free cups or water refills as part of the deal.


What's a hot and cold water cooler?

It's a machine that provides clean, filtered drinking water on demand is known as a hot and cold water dispenser, and they are commonly found in offices and businesses. It meets the needs of a busy office by rapidly giving your employees access to cold and hot water. Your staff may have immediate access to various water options depending on the machine you select, reducing the time spent waiting for a kettle to boil.

Is it worth investing in a Water Filter Plumbed Cooler Bench Top?

Ace Water Shop's hot and cold water coolers are unquestionably worth the investment if you want great-tasting, recently filtered, hygienic hydration at work. You can save up to 70% of your water costs by switching to a bottle-based water cooler, and at Waterlogic, we provide a range of water types to meet all needs. We also offer different models to meet the requirements of every business, whether a small office or a huge factory with over 200 people.

How does it work?

The bottleless hot and cold water dispensers at Ace Water Shop get their water from the building's existing mains supply. Chlorine, sediment, taste, and odours are eliminated from the water throughout the carbon filtration process, leaving behind newly filtered, delicious water. The water is then divided into two distinct reservoirs, each having a heating or cooling component. Depending on their inclination, the user presses a button or uses a hands-free pedal to discharge a hot or cold water spray instantly.


Our wide selection of hot and cold water dispensers offers energy- and time-efficiency. In this way, we'll help you meet the demands for tea, coffee, and other beverages throughout the day in a busy office, a big home, a warehouse, or a catering kitchen when you need chilled water in the summer or instant hot water in the winter.

Check out the benchtop water filter cooler and more water coolers from Ace Water Shop today!

By Raven Escabusa


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