Magnesium Prills are a simple, low-cost, and portable way to alkalize and energize your water. Three ounces of Magnesium Prill Beads, stored in an organza sack, are enough to alter one gallon of water several times.

One bag of prills can bring months or years of benefits to your drinking water, depending on the source.


Jim Carter invented prill beads while seeking a way to filter nuclear reactor wastewater. Combining a copyrighted bio-resonance course and magnesium oxide pills, he devised a method for purifying water. Water "magnetizes" or "morphs" into a "hexagonal" shape using this approach, resulting in dew. It resembles the early-morning droplets that develop on plants. Because this water isn't as thick as other liquids, it absorbs rapidly and absorbs the magnesium it contains, which helps to balance your electrolytes and speed up your metabolism. You can use Prill Beads several times, so unless you misplace them, you won't have to replace them after buying them.


The cleaned water, also known as Prill water, can be consumed or used for bathing. Hydrotherapy is one of Prill water's use outside of the body. This method of bathing is effective at rejuvenating cells by supplying them with the nutrients they require to wash away toxins and allow them to function at their best. Baths are warm and can assist in relaxing and being a fantastic way to cure many different conditions. They are commonly used for brief pain relief. You can empower and lengthen the treatment by using the Prill water method of hydrotherapy.

It's simple to make use of the advantages of Prill beads. It's as easy as pouring water into a large, clean container and mixing in an open jar of beads. You'll be drinking pure water that's also considerably more effective at keeping you hydrated. It's critical to let the liquid sit for at least one day before drinking or cooking with it. Start with one or two glasses of Prill water per day; once you see the results, Prill water will be all you want to drink. Prill water is a greater hydrator than other drinks. Therefore you don't need as much of it every day to keep healthy and hydrated.


When ordinary water comes into touch with Prill beads, it thins dramatically. The resulting liquid has the properties of "Dew," which is quite different from normal water. Dew is easily absorbed by the skin, while common water repels it. Lower life forms like bacteria and fungi will not survive in prill water, but algae will thrive. Prill water, which resembles dew, is readily utilized by plants and people to generate the intricate elements of life. Dew is the liquid contained in fruit and seeds, and other plant cells due to the living process in plants.

Structured, hexagonal, magnetic, and alive are all names used to describe energized water.

Superior hydration, enhanced nutritional absorption, improved detoxification, improved metabolic efficiency, and improved cellular communication benefit from high-quality water.

You can use the amount of appropriately formed hexagonal water to hydrate cells in ordinary tap water is less than 10%. It needs daily use of a liter of this water. Properly energized water can accomplish the same effects with only three glasses of water per day after a few weeks of use.

Some sources of energized water are essential than others. Surprisingly, the expense of the equipment used to make energized water doesn't affect the quality of the finished product.

The amount of energized water maintained in the cell determines the rate of aging. This kind of water is abundant in young and fresh cells—the densely packed dying cells with waste substances and poisons, with very little, energized water.


Heals Dehydration

The body operates in a constant state of crisis management due to a lack of water. Acne, dry skin, afternoon fatigue, heartburn, constipation, and headaches are all common signs of dehydration.

Aids Constipation Problems

Hard stools result from the elimination of fluid from the feces. When the body's water supply depletes, moisture from the colon absorbs into the bloodstream. It also absorbs toxic compounds as a result of this. Every organ that eliminates waste (skin, intestines, kidneys) needs water. Dry skin, constipation, and black urine usually indicate a deficiency of water in the body.

Improves Dry, Flaky Skin

The human body's skin serves as a critical detoxifying organ. Dry, flaky skin indicates that the body's water supply is depleted. Rehydration leads to immediate skin improvement.


Water transports nutrients that give the entire body energy. This procedure runs more smoothly when you drink enough water. If the lymphatic fluid's energy source fails, contaminants might pile up, reducing the oxygen supply. As a result, the oxygen supply to all bodily tissues is insufficient. Detoxifying and hydration improvements are required for recovery. : Prills Plus Bath Bead Bag (2 lbs) : Nutrition And Wellness  Products : Health & Household


  1. Remove the dust from the sack of beads by rinsing it.
  2. Pour a 1-gallon glass jar or jug halfway with water and set aside. Put the beads in the water, and they will sink.
  3. Allow 24 hours for the initial charge to build up in the beads.
  4. If necessary, 3 quarts of water can be withdrawn every hour after the break-in time. Always leave a small amount of water behind to begin your next batch.
  5. After processing, you can keep the charged water in a glass or hard plastic container, but not in metal.
  6. Place the packet of beads in one cup of pharmacy grade 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to clean, sterilize, or restore color to the beads. It washes the beads inside the container and converts them to their original color. The sort of mineral elements affects the color of the water.
  1. As a first step, keep using your filtering equipment to generate excellent water. Then, into the Prill bead container, pour the filtered water.
  2. Pour 2 gallons of water into a bathtub and fill it with hot water to bathe in the beaded water.
  3. Prill appears to repel black mold and reduce smells.
  4. Use to wash vegetables, cook with, use in humidifiers, and clean baby's bottoms.
  5. Prill water cannot be tainted in any way. It removes contaminants.
  6. Prills can help with both distilled and tap water. Because Prill water is heavier than chlorine, tap water takes longer to process, and the chlorine in tap water rises to the top. Because chlorine is denser than air, it must be blown or fanned out of the bottle. Make sure the lid is off the bottle so the chlorine can escape.
  7. If you leave the Prills on for an extended period, the liquid may become overcharged and taste metallic. Toss out the water and begin again.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Magnesium Prill Beads For Water Purification

Water makes up most of the human body. The infants are 95% water, adults are 75% water, and the elderly are 65% water. According to clinical investigations, the quality of water one consumes directly impacts one's physical health. Prill Beads are an organic energy enhanced water purifier and re-conditioner that completely refreshes, hydrates, and revitalizes the body by re-structuring drinking water on a cellular level.

By Raven Escabusa


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