Magnesium oxide mixed with Life Force makes up the Magnesium Prill Beads from Ace Water Coolers. It originally intended to clean up nuclear waste. They're from a breakthrough technology that lets us manufacture very fine "vital water" from nearly any source. In fact, this water has a low oxidation potential and measurably replenishes the body (minimizes free radicals).

Prill Beads are an ecologically enhanced energy water purifier and reconditioner. It completely refreshes, hydrates, and revitalizes the body by restructuring drinking water on a cellular level. Most of the human body contains water. Newborn babies are 95% water, adults are 75% water, and the elderly is 65%. Clinical investigations have shown that the quality of the water one consumes directly impacts one's health. It changes the surface tension of water and chemical bonding. It effectively eliminates heavy metals and toxins from water supplies, household and industrial chemicals, food pesticides, and additives.

Prill's super-hydrating water flushes toxins out of cell structures. As a result, users report feeling energized and rejuvenated, with improved mental clarity and movement.


Prill Beads break down water into nearly single molecules with incredibly close hydrogen and oxygen atom bonds. Your thirst for water diminishes when you drink Prill water because you are getting the most benefit from the water you drink, and it flows straight into your body's cells. Magnesium oxide and Life Force make up Precious Prills. They're possible thanks to a breakthrough technology that allows us to manufacture ultra-fine "vital water" from nearly any source. In addition, it's developed to remove nuclear waste. This water hydrates the body effectively and has a favorable oxidation-reduction potential (reduces free radicals in the body).

Precious Prills are impervious to water and do not disintegrate. They do not give minerals. When you replace the energy of normal water with Prill Water, which is similar to dew, the new liquid is technically just water. Such molecules are thinner than other energies and use less space. As a result, living cells can better absorb this water, making it a far superior body moisturizer.


  1. Begin with a hard plastic drink water bottle, a glass or glazed ceramic jug, or a water filter as a first step (nothing metal).
  2. Rinse your bag of Prill beads thoroughly to get rid of any magnesium oxide dust.
  3. Put your beads at the bottom of the jug, filter, or container. Pour your tumbler, glass, plastic jar, or bottle halfway with water. Don't replace the lid if your water contains chlorine. Use the best quality drinking water you can find if nothing else is available, but use simple tap water if that isn't possible. Although chlorine and fluoride will naturally vent out, this product should not be relied on to do so.
  4. Allow flavors to meld for 24 hours before serving.


Due to the water's composition and condition, Prill Beads may change color over time due to the minerals in the water or sunlight. Keep your Prill container out of direct sunlight to avoid this, and make sure you're using the best water you can get. Soak the beads in one cup of pharmacy grade 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to clean, sterilize, or restore their color. It will clean and restore the color of the beads.


When Jim Carter was looking for a means to purify nuclear reactor wastewater, he produced prill beads. Combining a copyrighted bio-resonance course with magnesium oxide pills, he devised a method for filtering water. This method causes water to "magnetize" or "morph" into a "hexagonal" shape, resulting in dew. It resembles the droplets that form on plants in the early morning. Since this water isn't as thick as other beverages, it absorbs quickly and consumes the magnesium it contains, which aids in electrolyte balance and metabolism speed. You can use these beads several times, so you won't need to purchase a new bag once you buy them unless you misplace them.


Some use prill water for hydrotherapy outside of the body. After being cleaned, Prill water can be consumed or used for bathing. Bathing rejuvenates cells by supplying them with the necessary nutrients to flush out impurities and perform at their best. Baths are calming and relaxing, and they're also a great way to heal a range of conditions. They're usually used to alleviate pain for a brief length of time. Using the Prill water method of hydrotherapy to empower and lengthen the treatment could be beneficial.

It's simple to make use of the advantages of Prill beads. In fact, it's as simple as pouring water into a large, clean container and mixing it in an open jar of beads. You'll be drinking pure water, which is far more effective than tap water in terms of keeping you hydrated. Allow the water to settle for at least one day before drinking or cooking with it. Start with one or two glasses of Prill water every day; once you see the results, you'll want to drink nothing but Prill water. You won't need as much prill water every day to keep healthy and hydrated because it is more hydrating than other drinks.

FINAL THOUGHTS: How Effective Is a Prill Beads in Drinking Water?

You can see the positive effects of Magnesium Prill Beads by buying a bag from Ace Water Coolers! We are available in the whole of Australia. Contact us today, and let's guide you to a better life by starting with better water.

By Raven Escabusa


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