Activated carbon, also known as charcoal, is a natural filter material utilized in most water filtration systems, mainly an additional or solo filter. These filters have a good pollutant removal capacity and enhance the taste of water due to the highly adsorbent nature and porous surface area of activated carbon, which is why they have a long history as filter media. How charcoal water filter impact your overall health? Let's find out!

Charcoal is a black powdered substance made by burning a carbon-rich material like wood or coconut shells. High-temperature activation alters the substance's chemical structure, resulting in ultrafine particles with an increased surface area that bind to and remove a variety of heavy metals, chemicals, and intestinal gases.

Please continue reading to learn more about charcoal in a water filter how it impacts your overall health.


It retains healthy minerals.

Water contains minerals and natural salts that are necessary for human metabolism. When pollutants from the air and other pollutants mix with water, it becomes unsafe for human consumption.

The majority of water filters remove pollutants, beneficial minerals, and ions from the water. They end up depleting the water of important minerals that are harmful to the body.

As a result of the process, harmful particles rise to the surface while beneficial minerals remain in the water. The addition of a second filter level aids in the removal of germs from the water, making it safe to drink.

It helps whiten teeth.

Do you want to improve your dental or oral hygiene? Water contains a variety of contaminants, including fluoride, which can discolor teeth and injure gums.

Activated charcoal can assist in enhancing the condition of your teeth. It uses the adsorption method to whiten teeth and trap the contaminants.

The presence of surfactants and ions in charcoal also aids in the reduction of mouth odor and removing stains on the teeth. Choose an activated charcoal water filter today if you want better dental hygiene and fresher breath.

It helps slow down aging signs.

Everyone aspires to be young! By protecting the internal organs, ingesting activated charcoal allows you to keep young from the inside out. It aids in the reduction of cellular age and improves general health. Activated charcoal in your water helps you live longer by removing pollutants and increasing your lifetime.

It helps manage alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol blood concentrations are reduced when activated charcoal filtered water is used. Alcohol abuse can excite the liver, causing it to work overtime to absorb it. Alcoholic beverages can be bad for your health since they include toxic substances like flavonoids and preservatives.

Activated charcoal helps reduce the effects of alcohol poisoning.

FINAL THOUGHTS: How Charcoal Water Filter Impact Your Overall Health

Using charcoal filters to purify your drinking water might be a simple and cost-effective way to do so. The adsorption procedure keeps all of the essential nutrients in the water while removing the harmful contaminants.

Add a charcoal filter to your whole house water purification system to supplement your existing reverse osmosis filter.

A charcoal filter takes no energy to operate because it is a passive method of water purification. It not only purifies your water at a low cost but also helps you improve your health and longevity. Charcoal filters are useful for you and your loved ones because of their minimal maintenance costs and ease of use.

By Raven Escabusa


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