While most bottle-less water coolers are tankless. It contains two tanks inside. The one is for the hot water and the other for cold. These reservoirs allow the user to pour water at the ideal temperature consistently. There's no need to wait for the water to cool or heat up. You'll never run out of hot or cold water because the dispenser generally has plenty!


Better Tasting Water

You'll need a bottle-less water dispenser if the taste of your water is essential to you. Our plumbed-in water coolers use dual-stage filters to filter the water. This cleaned water tastes so much better than bottled water sitting about for a long time and has developed a stale taste. It's the cleanest and purest water you'll ever taste. With Ace Water Cooler's jugless water dispenser, you'll always have excellent water!

Better Savings

How much does it cost to utilize bottleless water? Water jugs for coolers are approximately $0.79 per gallon when delivered by a firm. The cost of a plumbed-in water cooler is only $0.02 per gallon. That's a 97 percent reduction in price! Simply upgrading one unit to a machine that does not require a bottle might save you hundreds of dollars every year! Consider what your company could do with the money saved.

Saves Up Space, Too!

Most offices and houses are cramped. With a standard water dispenser, you'll need a place to store the excess water jugs. They're frequently placed close to the cooler, taking up valuable floor space and cluttering the room. The water in a POU water cooler flows through the waterline, eliminating the need to keep cumbersome water jugs.

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Unlimited Water Anytime!

One of the most significant drawbacks of water cooler jugs is that each one can only hold a certain amount of liquid. If there's a delivery problem or you forget to pay, your house or business may be left with nothing cold and refreshing to drink. Upgrade to a plumbed-in water cooler and cut the cord with the bottle delivery businesses. You can obtain an infinite supply of optimal hydration right from your tap with a plumbed-in dispenser. There will be no more running out.

Healthier Water

The typical gallon chiller is extremely vulnerable to pathogens and pollutants in the air. Some water providers may also use outdated plastic containers that have been exposed to the environment, causing contaminants to leak into the water. Employees do not directly touch the water because this system does not have a bottle that needs changing. Your machine is sealed with a no-bottle H2O dispenser, preventing outside contaminants from reaching your water. It drastically decreases the danger of pollution of drinking water. You can rest assured that you'll be getting the finest hydration possible thanks to our dual filtering technology.

No More Heavy Lifting

Say goodbye to the cumbersome five-gallon jug you have to lift every time the cooler runs out of water. A 5-gallon water bottle weighs around 42 pounds. Lifting this weight into the stand is a difficult feat for many people and can result in injuries.

You can say goodbye to that, as well as any resulting backache, with a point-of-use water cooler. All you have to do now is replace the filters and drink your water after you've installed the hydration system. Spills, hefty bottle refills, and storage concerns are no longer an issue.

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Finally, a freestanding reverse osmosis water cooler is an excellent choice. The Ace Water Shop bottle-less water cooler is ideal for any room, anywhere! Whether it's for homes, manufacturing companies, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, gyms, hotel lobbies, dental offices, medical labs, or domestic use, we have a drinking water solution for you.

By Raven Escabusa


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