Nothing beats a glass of fresh, clean water from a water dispenser (freestanding) for a nice, refreshing hit. However, to ensure constant freshness, maintain your water cooler clean and free of bacterial build-up on both the interior and outside.

We all know of the health benefits of drinking water. As a result, it should be unsurprising that we will all need to consume more of it. To stay hydrated and feel our best at whether home, work or school, we should drink more regularly throughout the day. Whether you're sipping from a bottled water cooler or a mains-fed water cooler, maintaining your water dispenser clean is essential to getting the most out of it.

What can you do to keep your water dispenser clean, from easy daily cleaning to thorough cleaning and sanitization on the inside, and what can you leave to the pros? Here are a few tips to help you stay organized so that your dispenser stays clean for the long term and everyone who uses it remains healthy.

Daily Water Dispenser Clean

No one wants to see a dirty water cooler. Therefore keeping it clean is something you can do daily. It's especially crucial if your water dispenser is in an office or public area where many people utilize it.

All it takes is a quick wipe of food-safe sanitizing wipes over the main unit and the glass dispenser. You should treat the taps with extra care — and a fresh wipe. Because this is a high-touch area, a thorough cleaning is necessary to remove visible – and not so visible – germs and grime. Remember to dump the drip tray of stale, unclean water, wipe it down, or put it in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning.

Monthly Water Dispenser Clean

Along with your normal practice, you are giving your cooler a deeper clean once a month can be beneficial. Freestanding water dispensers, mains-fed water coolers, and hot water dispensers will all benefit from this.

Read our earlier piece on how to clean and sanitize your water cooler, which explains how to do so in six simple steps. If your cooler hasn't been used in a while, including over the holidays or throughout the summer, you should follow these instructions.

Six-Monthly Water Dispenser Clean

You should do every six months, comprehensive cleaning of any water dispenser. The easiest method to accomplish this with any Ace Water cooler is to have it done as part of your complete service package by one of our fully experienced engineers.

To guarantee that your bottled water cooler is kept in perfect functioning condition and is safe to use, it must go through a high-standard process of general maintenance, professional cleaning, and full sanitization. If you have a mains-fed cooler, the same thorough process will be performed, and with the inclusion of a water filter change to ensure that your water remains filtered and pure at all times.


Making sure that our water is clean starts with us. It starts with regular cleaning of our water coolers. It doesn't clean by itself, so make sure you do your part in maintaining its pristine quality. In this way, we'll avoid contaminants that may harm you and your family's health.
Ace Water Coolers offer different types of water dispenser: freestanding, countertop, or bottleless. Contact us today, and we'll help you maintain the cleanliness of your unit.


By Raven Escabusa


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