It is impossible to live without clean freshwater. Nothing beats a glass of water on a hot day. After a long day at work, or any other time you're thirsty at home or work. Most business owners, employees, clients, and other visitors want fresh, clean, filtered water in any office or commercial facility. Bottleless Point Of Use Water Cooler can be the solution.

It's providing a supply of drinking water used to entail occupying space with an inconvenient dispenser and a collection of jugs or palettes of environmentally damaging plastic bottles. It also entailed a substantial recurring cost, whether for replacing jugs or bottles. Bottleless water coolers, on the other hand, provide a novel space- and money-saving alternative that is also environmentally friendly. These smart water coolers are an efficient way to give hydration. A water cooler promotes a healthy workplace while also having a low environmental impact — it's a win-win situation.





You'll have access to a more eco-friendly water dispenser if you ditch the bottles. The cumulative ecological cost of bottle production and the bottled water delivery strategy harm the environment. By going bottle-less, you can avoid these negative consequences. Instead, the safe drinking water you drink is delivered to your building via existing delivery networks. Filtered water on-demand as needed, helping your company reduce its carbon impact.

Lesser Long Term Cost

Your drinking water will be substantially cheaper over time with a bottle-less water cooler dispenser than with a bottled water delivery service. It's because you're purifying the water you're drinking from a tap on demand. Even the cheapest bottled water is far more expensive than tap water. So that you can acquire clean water for pennies per gallon.

Space Saver

Those stacks of unattractive bottles in your office or home are taking up valuable real estate that could be better utilized. A bottle-less water cooler, unlike bottled water, has a small footprint. You'll reclaim that wasted space in your office by switching to a bottle-free solution. You'll never have to stress about where to place your full gallons or where to keep your empty bottles before the next delivery.

No Contaminants

When you replace a water jug in a bottled water system, it exposes the water in the bottle and the cooler reservoir to pollutants such as dust, dirt, and microorganisms. Since a POU system is sealed, you can be sure you're drinking water that's free of contaminants.


No one will have to move any big water jugs or fret about where they will be stored. You're good to go as long as you replace your POU filter as needed.

You won't have to wrestle those 42-pound bottles into place if you go bottle-less. Not only is the process untidy, especially with top-loading coolers, but many people are unable to lift large bottles into position. Bottleless water solutions, on the other hand, do not need any heavy lifting to work. You'll never run out of pure, filtered drinking water with a bottle-less cooler. The only item you'll need to replace regularly is the filtration medium. As a result, bottle-less solutions are more widely available.

Unlimited Pure Water

Drinking water is always accessible because your water cooler is connected directly to your plumbing.

Every time you use your POU system, pure, clean, fresh drinking water is supplied rather than kept in a chemical-leaching plastic bottle. Your bottle-less water cooler may be readily connected to purified water or reverse osmosis system if you have one.

The Main Types of Water Coolers


Like an ice maker or industrial coffee maker, a bottle-less water cooler dispenser connects to a cold water supply. To install the unit, you'll need an experienced and properly licensed plumber.

It may make sense to install near an installed sink or another plumbing source. But consult with your plumber if you have space limits or special installation requirements.

If you select a filtering unit, your technician will most likely be able to modify your water cooler for the proper level of filtering for the water in your location during installation. Your water cooler will flow fresh, safe drinking water from your local water supply once it is connected. The unit provides fresh, impurity-free water on demand. It minimizes sediment, chlorine, poor tastes, and odors, encouraging you to drink more water. It will improve the taste and enjoyment of the water you and your coworkers, employees, guests, clients, or visitors consume.


With water that delivers at two or three temperatures, floor model water coolers are often available in various shapes, filtration options, and colors. Bottleless water coolers that stand alone are a popular choice for:

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Homes
  • Medical clinics
  • Reception areas for customers
  • Salons of beauty
  • Retail establishments
  • Fitness centers or gyms

A freestanding floor type may be the ideal option if you have plenty of space to work with. Maybe you don't have a countertop space where you want to install a water cooler. These larger models will save you room because you won't need to keep new bottled water bottles.




You may have a range of different options to consider depending on what local bottle-less water cooler dispenser suppliers have in stock. These may include the following:

  • Colors
  • Type of display
  • Number of temperatures
  • Capacity
  • Filter choices

Coolers with two to three temperature settings — room temperature, hot, or cold — as well as digital display options may be available. The following are some possible temperature combinations:

  • Hot/Room temperature/Cold
  • Hot/Cold
  • Room temperature/Cold

Water cooler types may have different filters or combinations of filters that must be replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions. It's to produce fresh, healthy, and clean drinking water. Some models will give you an estimate of how long a filter will last. Some last after 1,700 gallons or around a year. The size of the hot and cold water tanks will also differ.


Find a firm that offers a wide range of cooler alternatives and isn't going to lock you into a long-term contract. Your supplier must be able to assist you in weighing your options and determining exactly what you require.

If you only require drinking water, a range of temperatures may not be necessary. But, if you're installing a bottle-less water cooler in a lunch or break room, however, you might want to include hot water options. It allows people to create hot beverages or prepare quick meals quickly. Maybe you're short on room, a countertop water cooler can be the best option. If you're installing a dispenser in a waiting room, it's important to consider the aesthetics. You may have a number of these requirements at the same time.


Before looking for a bottleless point-of-use water cooler online or in a store, make a list of your requirements. It can be handy, space-saving, and cost-effective to have fresh, clean drinking water available in your office or business area. You can have the right model to match the demands of your business the next time your staff or visitors — or even your family at home.

Check out Ace Water Coolers, Bottleless Water Coolers, and other types of water dispensers that might work out for your clean water needs.

By Raven Escabusa


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