One of the cornerstones to good health is staying hydrated. As a result, many individuals opt to install a filtered water cooler in their homes to make it easier for everyone to meet their daily requirements. It removes the need for single-use plastic water bottles by converting tap water into highly filtered, great-tasting water that you may use daily.

A bottleless water cooler is simple to maintain. Your bottleless water dispenser is dependable and low-maintenance, and with appropriate care, it will continue to serve you with clean, healthy drinking water for years to come.

A water cooler is simple to maintain; they are dependable and low-maintenance, and regular filter replacements and a little TLC will give you great-tasting, safe drinking water for many years. Like any appliance, you can and will do things to improve the function of your cooler, such as changing the filter twice a year to ensure that your office or building has safe drinking water.


Even if we're sitting behind a desk doing administrative work or chilling in front of the TV, we must drink adequate water throughout the day. However, many people loathe drinking tap water, resulting in dehydration, exhaustion, and a lack of energy to complete the tasks.

Maintaining your employees' and families' hydration is vital to their productivity and wellbeing. Therefore investing in a bottleless water cooler is a requirement rather than a luxury.

When we don't drink enough water, we get angry, sluggish, and mentally impaired, making it harder to do complex tasks. Hydration, on the other hand, indicates that a person is alert and energised, and their brains are functioning optimally.

Bottleless water coolers make sense because they are immediately connected to the main water supply.

  • A supply of ice-cold, filtered drinking water is generally always available.
  • Water does not need to be purchased or stored in a storage container.
  • Companies save money and time on paperwork by paying a single purchase and installation cost rather than a weekly or monthly ordering and payment system.
  • Because employees and guests will use the water cooler at the business more regularly, you won't need to buy as many bottled waters.
  • If employees can consume adequate fluids during the day, they will be less likely to fall ill.


A bottleless water cooler is simple to maintain. Your bottleless water dispenser is dependable and low-maintenance, and with appropriate care, it will continue to serve you with clean, fresh-tasting drinkable water for years to come.

"How often should I replace my water cooler filter?" is a common question we get.

Water filters usually include an estimated life cycle, measured in gallons, that serves as a guideline based on regular water usage. Normal filtration and reverse osmosis filtration are the two most prevalent water filtration technologies.

A sediment filter and a carbon filter are used in standard filtering. Standard filtration and a reverse osmosis filter are usually combined in reverse osmosis filtration.

Several factors influence the longevity of a water filter. Take into account the following:

  • The state of your water in general.
  • The scale will build up on the filter if you have hard water and clog it.
  • How much water do you consume daily?
  • If your water has been treated or filtered earlier.
  • What kind of water filter is in your water dispenser?


Without visible evidence that your cooler needs maintenance, keeping track of the duration of your water filters might be difficult.

It's best to replace filters every six to eight months. This guideline is based on cartridge longevity, which is determined by usage. The amount of use determines whether you should change your filters every six or eight months. If the cooler is at a business and is used by both staff and consumers, the owner should update the filter after six months to guarantee the water quality.


Ace Water Shop also offers top loading and bottom load water coolers with filtered water bottles. In this way, you can buy bottled mineral water every week and even save up on storage! Our water bottles come with 7-stage or 8-stage water filters that you can replace after six months.



When you think about how much water you drink and have to cook daily, purchasing a filtered water dispenser for home usage is a cost-effective solution. Most individuals don't trust or appreciate drinking water from the tap and don't want to supply their families with single-use plastic bottles.

Great Tasting Water

You'll need a bottleless water dispenser if the taste of your water is essential to you. Our plumbed-in water coolers use dual-stage filters to filter the water. This cleaned water tastes better than bottled water that has been sitting about for a long time and has developed a stale taste. With a point-of-use water dispenser, you'll always have excellent water! It's the cleanest and purest water you'll ever taste.


The easy to use refill button makes the refill station simple to use. The sleek design will tempt children to operate the dispenser on their own. Please encourage them to drink extra water by placing a step stool beside them. The recessed nozzle also prevents the nozzle from colliding with the dispenser or the mouth of the water bottle.

The fill area can handle any size container, from a coffee mug to a gallon jug. You don't need anyone to be in charge of changing a water jug or repurchasing a case of water bottles because it auto-replenishes every time clean water is given. The foot pedal, a novel design option, makes the process even easier and contact-free. It keeps areas clean and reduces the transmission of germs.

Installing a filtered, point of use water cooler for home use makes sense for busy families that have to fill up on their way out the door. It's convenient to have filtered water on hand whenever you need it, whether you're heading back to the workplace, to a school activity, or on a family road trip.


Buying plastic water bottles or jugs as a substitute for drinking tap water has been a popular trend for years. A filtered water dispenser for home usage is a long-term solution that reduces the amount of plastic used in the home. The cost of meeting a family's water needs, on the other hand, quickly adds up. You'll probably go through several cases of bottled water in a month, some of which may be recycled, but most of which will end up in the landfill.

Plastic rubbish takes hundreds of years to disintegrate on its own. The vast bulk of plastic waste is dumped in the ocean, resulting in landfill overflow. Releasing chemicals into the atmosphere pollutes the marine ecosystem and destroys the environment. With an at-home water filter, you can eliminate plastic usage and enjoy unlimited pure, chilled water whenever you need it.

Less Maintenance

Very little work is required on your part once the technician has completed the installation. It's a good idea to wipe down the front panels at least once a week, but the refill station is designed to run smoothly without ongoing maintenance.

It has a powerful drain pump and a built-in drain system, so you won't have to empty a drain tray or worry about mould growing in standing water. Furthermore, the collecting tray aids in the reduction of filth and grime buildup, reducing the risk of a clogged drain.

It's nice to have a water system that doesn't require much maintenance or upkeep. The activated oxygen in the fourth step of the filtration process cleans the internal design and stainless steel tanks without using chemicals. Furthermore, most filters only need to be replaced once a year.

No More Lifting of Big Bottles

Most offices have a limited amount of space. It would help if you stored the extra water jugs with a standard water dispenser. They're frequently placed adjacent to the cooler, taking up valuable floor space and complicating it. The water from a POU water cooler flows through the waterline, eliminating the need to keep cumbersome water jugs.

Keeps You and Your Family Hydrated

For busy families of all sizes, having fresh, pure water on hand comes in handy. You may utilize the system for cooking, making coffee, storing up for travels or activities, and keeping everyone hydrated with their daily water intake. Choosing water over a soda or sports drink may be difficult, but the great taste encourages everyone to skip the sugary drinks and drink more H20.

Customers who have a filtered water dispenser at home are 76 percent more likely to drink water, 77 percent more likely to use a refillable container, and 54 percent less likely to consume other beverages, according to customer research. One glass of water at a time helps establish healthier habits in the home. You can ensure your family has clean water with them anytime they leave the house, even if public vending machines and water fountains are limited.

The benefits of having a filtered water dispenser for household use are well worth the money. It offers a cost-effective, convenient, and long-term solution that anyone can use. There's no need for additional maintenance, cleanup, or plastic waste. Now that you're spending more time at home, there are some comforts that you may not have thought about previously.


Regular Sanitisation

It is suggested that the cooler be sanitised every six months. Simply flushing a sanitising fluid through the water cooler can rid the system of bacteria, ensuring that your water remains delicious.

The cleaning and sterilising of the mouth and water contact elements of a water dispenser (cooler or fountain), particularly the tap mechanism, is called sanitisation. Its purpose is to clean the cooler of biofilm and other bacterial debris. Biofilm is an organic material that contains bacteria that can form on the waster contact surfaces of bottles and packages in refrigerators.

Regular Filter Replacement

At the proper times, replace the filter in the cooler. Filters have a six-month average life duration and must be replaced twice a year. Changing a filter is simple and takes only a few minutes.

A recommended maintenance programme can extend the life of your water dispenser by ensuring that the cooler is operating at peak efficiency and providing the highest cooling performance.

Drip Tray Check Up

Start removing and emptying the drip tray to minimise your cooler's dirt buildup and water leakage. It'll only take you a minute! Clean and open the drip tray regularly.

Check the pipe connections from time to time by looking around the water cooler to ensure the cooler is working at its best.

Even so, the water cooler shouldn't add to the water's microbial composition. Water from a well-maintained and wisely utilised water cooler must be the same quality as water entering the filter.



A cold water supply is linked to a bottleless water cooler dispenser, much like an ice maker or an industrial coffee maker. You'll need an expert and fully licensed plumber to install the device.

It may make sense to install near an existing sink or other plumbing supply, but if you have space restrictions or particular installation needs, talk to your plumber.

If you choose a filtering device, your technician will probably be able to adjust your water cooler during installation to provide the appropriate level of filtration for the water in your area. Once connected, the dispenser will distribute fresh, clean water from your local water supply. The unit delivers clean water on demand free from contaminants, reducing chlorine, sediment, bad tastes, and odours while urging you to drink more water. The flavour and satisfaction of the water you drink will improve as a result.

By Raven Escabusa


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