A benchtop water cooler is convenient for staying hydrated when you don't have enough space for a floor-standing machine. Learn how to select the best Benchtop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser in Australia.

One of the simplest methods to boost your health is to stay hydrated at work. If you haven't made the switch to a countertop water cooler, here's a rundown of some of the many benefits that you will appreciate. It shows that water consumption to increase productivity, aid in weight loss, enhance complexion, and get more energy all through the day.


Counter Top Bottled Coolers

Countertop bottled water coolers are self-contained machines used in any kitchen or on any elevated surface. They're available in a variety of shapes and colors to match your workplace or home space.

Space-saving bottled water coolers are an excellent choice for small settings that require a hydration workhorse. You can move it anytime whenever you want for convenience and accessibility.

Counter Top Plumbed Cooler

Our countertop water coolers with plumbing come in a range of attractive designs, styles, and colors. Because there's no need to keep water use records, these water coolers are suitable for families or offices searching for a fixed cost for filtered water.



When you purchase a standard water cooler dispenser, you are purchasing more than just the cooler. If you want to keep the water cooler running, you'll have to buy five-gallon bottles after five-gallon bottles of water, not to mention shipping expenses, bottling fees, and plain old-fashioned price markups.

When you rent and maintain a benchtop water cooler, on the other hand, you're simply paying for the machine's rental and upkeep. There are no shipping expenses, bottling fees, or water price markups.

Easy To Use

Freestanding water cooler dispensers are enjoyable to hang out in and talk about the latest viral video, but the enjoyment ends when the water bottle needs replacement. No one enjoys attempting to balance an awkward water jug on top of a small peg in a hole.

Countertop water dispensers eliminate the need for water bottles, removing a significant barrier. To get hot and cold water on demand, all individuals have to do is press a button.

Keeps People Hydrated

Getting adequate water is essential for good health. Drinking more water helps your skin prevent skin diseases and wrinkles. It minimizes wear and tears on your kidneys. You'll also be taking a big step toward keeping a healthy weight if you drink water rather than soda.

Installing an office water dispenser in your workplace (or at home) puts fresh water at your fingertips. There is never a lack of drinking water because the filtered water cooler connects directly to your tap. Your family and coworkers can drink as much water as they need to be hydrated and healthy.


Size and Capacity

Countertop water dispensers come in various shapes and sizes, as well as the amount of water they can hold. Small units, which are less than 10 inches in height and a few inches wide, store about a liter of water. It's less than a normal water pitcher.

Units that take up a lot more space on a counter or table can contain up to 25 gallons of drinking water, but most people are happy with models that hold 5 gallons. Under-the-sink units take up no more counter space.

Type of Countertop Dispenser

Water dispensers come in two basic styles. The water reservoir in a gravity-fed type is higher than the spout, so water rushes out when you open the nozzle. Although some users position it on a different surface, this type usually sits on the countertop.

You can find a water reservoir beneath the sink in a sink-top dispenser, also known as a "countertop-access dispenser." It dispenses water through a faucet mounted on the top of the sink.

Sink-top models do not require a counter, which may appeal to those who prefer clean surfaces. For purifying tap water, these dispensers usually include a range of filtration technologies.

Water Temperature

Water dispensers are used only to be able to provide room-temperature water. While older models are still in use, contemporary models can cool as well as heat water. Cool or hot water is delivered at the push of a button, eliminating the need to refrigerate or heat drinking water on the stove or in the microwave.

A hot water dispenser will include an internal heater that raises the temperature of the water to between 185 and 203 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use it to make tea and instant soups. Water coolers that heat water almost always have a child safety lock to prevent accidental scorching.

A chilling water dispenser will have an inside compressor, similar to the sort seen in refrigerators, that will drop the temperature of the water to a cold 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Set a gravity-fed dispenser on a counter or other flat surface. The top reservoir is either filled with water or has a prefilled tank-style water jug attached to it. For water, some countertop models have attachments that link to a sink faucet.

A water hose feed from the dispenser, for example, might attach at the base of the faucet or screw-on at the end. A simple twist of a lever will direct tap water into the dispenser's reservoir to fill it. For those with a basic understanding of plumbing, these products are relatively DIY-friendly.

The majority of under-sink units require an input line to the existing water supply line, which usually necessitates professional installation. It may require an under-sink electrical outlet for units that require electricity to operate, which is always a job for a licensed electrician.


Maintenance is minimal for most water coolers, including countertop and sink-top models. The reservoir may be removed and washed with hot soapy water, and the unit's outside can be wiped down with a dry cloth.

Changing purifying filters is the most important element of maintenance. It could mean replacing a filter every two months or so, depending on the number of impurities eliminated and how much water you consume regularly.


Find the best benchtop water coolers for your home and office in Australia! Start your search by checking out Ace Water Coolers' premium quality benchtop water dispensers. Make sure to remember all the guidelines mentioned so you can find the best unit for you.

By Raven Escabusa


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