As the lockdown has loosened, more people have returned to work. Every prudent business owner's concern has turned to employee safety and wellness. While plastic screens and one-way systems help maintain proper social distance, how else can we ensure that the office is a healthy environment for its employees? Investing in a Bottleless Hot and Cold Water Cooler is a cost-effective and beneficial option.

Everyone, especially in these trying times, wants to be happy and effective at work. We've compiled the top reasons why your business needs a water dispenser to keep your employees hydrated and healthy in this blog.


Many Health Benefits

Hydration is beneficial to the immune system and overall health. You still don't believe us? You can find more information on the advantages of drinking water here.

In 2018, Australia lost around 141.4 million working days owing to illness or injury. A filtered water cooler at the workplace not only allows employees to stand up and stretch their legs. But it can also assist in easing work-related stress and dehydration headaches, enhancing digestive function, and fighting off illness.

Easy To Maintain

You don't need us to tell you that maintaining cleanliness in communal areas is critical right now. As previously said, office water machines require some form of touch to operate – even if it's just one push of a button. Therefore, you must clean it frequently to prevent the spread of any bugs! The sleek form of our water allows you to clean it with a cloth and antibacterial cleaning spray easily. Then you can readily remove the drip tray place it in the dishwasher.

We recommend that you descale your hot water reservoir and replace your water filters every six months for maximum performance.

Improves Office Productivity

We've all been guilty of feeling tired at work or missing a small chore now and again; unless you had a really bad night's sleep, it's likely due to thirst. Dehydration can cause concentration, productivity, and energy levels to plummet. When your body experiences dehydration, the heart rate and temperature rise rapidly, creating pain and headaches. Many people lose their mental ability to work regularly.

As a result, the NHS advises adults to drink six to eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. At the push of a button, an office water cooler provides quick hot and cold water. It allows employees to counteract the symptoms of dehydration as soon as they occur. It's time to ditch the sugary snacks and sports drinks for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and replace them with a refreshing glass of water – it'll improve your alertness and memory!

Time Saver

Is there a deadline to meet? Do you have a report due on your boss's desk yesterday? Forget about wasting time in the breakout area waiting for the kettle to boil. Ace Water Shop's plumbed-in water cooler provides quick hot and cold water. Now, you can make the ideal cup of coffee and be back at your desk before John from Accounts can nag you about last month's performance ratings. Result. Now it's time to get back to work!

Space Saver

Ah, the never-ending competition for shelf space in the common break room refrigerator. Refrigerator space in the office is a valuable item, whether for lunch boxes, water bottles, or even the water filter jug collecting dust in the corner. That's before we even consider social separation and what it means for how we store personal belongings in the aftermath of the pandemic!

Water dispensers are great for saving space at your office — it's a kettle, filter, and water jug all in one. Plus, because you no longer need the office kettle, you'll have more counter space and fewer unsightly wires to deal with. It makes your office kitchen look much cleaner the next time a customer visits.

Easy Installation

You can find a friendly and competent installation crew that will commit to ensuring that your water cooler is installed with the least amount of inconvenience to your office day possible. As part of the installation process, we'll assist you in setting up your energy and sleep timers, cup size settings, and ideal temperatures for when your crew is out of the office. Our knowledgeable specialists will give you a thorough demonstration of your new office water dispenser's features and operations, so you'll be well on your way to having a fully functional office hydration station in no time.

Less Waste and Sustainable

We're betting you're picturing the upturned blue water bottle that's always empty when you think of a workplace water cooler. Not only are these antiquated devices inconvenient and difficult to maintain, but they are also harmful to the environment because they are frequently constructed of non-recyclable single-use plastics. Even reusable containers must be cleaned and refilled, and no one has time for that when there's work to be done!

With no plastic add-ons to throw away, a plumbed-in bottle-less water cooler provides an infinite supply of filtered water to keep your office completely hydrated throughout the day.


Water coolers are suitable for usage in offices and households since they consistently provide delicious, healthy, and refreshing water. It eliminates the need to keep dozens of little water bottles in the closet, refrigerator, or storage.

Ace Water Shop's plumbed-in water cooler will surely make a great hydration station in your office! You should have one!

By Raven Escabusa


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