A 7-Stage water purifier can do wonders for your tap water! It has the power of different water filters that ensures you experience the best water quality. In this article, we'll briefly talk about the Far-Infrared Ceramic Balls. It's one of the natural minerals included in Ace Water Cooler's 7-Stage Water Purifier.

Far-Infrared Ceramic Balls Benefits

It promotes the body's resilience to infectious diseases, increases blood oxygen capacity, and improves stress tolerance, in addition to working as an anti-aging agent. Plus, it improves blood pressure and blood sugar balance. It can also help increase oxygen and nutrients in your cells, resulting in greater muscle power, vitality, and mental stability. Natural wavelengths of far infrared light, for example, are necessary for bone formation, osteoporosis prevention, hormone regulation, and immune system enhancement.

The creation of advanced antibacterial, activation, and adsorption, filtering water treatment goods consists of high-quality components that are one-of-a-kind. The far-infrared emission rate is high outside the ceramic ball. Then, the product water will be rich in zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium, and other vital trace elements. It adds elements to the water gradually and uniformly. When combined with a filtered water system, it not only adds zinc, iodine, lithium, selenium, more than 20 other trace elements to the body. But it also controls microorganism cycles and strengthens the body's immune system.

How Does It Work

In the process of treating water, a far-infrared ceramic ball can release a very weak electric current (0.06 mA), but this is similar to the body's biological, which has a beneficial impact on humans and other organisms. The far infrared ball prevents enzymes and has a self-cleaning effect during the hydrolysis process, accompanied by physical and chemical changes like electrochemical, pool, adsorption, and sedimentation. Plus, it has efficient adsorption of lead (Pb + +), chromium (Cr + +), and other toxic heavy metals. Meanwhile, far-infrared mineralization can emit a far-infrared beam that can resonate with water molecules, allowing water to break down into small molecule groups and increasing oxygen content.

It has a very powerful oxidation-reduction function due to the high activity of negative oxygen ions, which can damage bacteria's cell membrane and the activity enzyme's action in cell protoplasts to achieve antiviral purposes.

Long-term drinking water filtered by this product provides zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium, and some other trace minerals that our bodies require and regulates organism microcirculation, and strengthens the body's immune system. The emission rate of an FIR ceramic ball can hit more than 90%, which means that more than 20 different trace elements required by the human body will be released slowly and evenly, resulting in more helpful minerals for water.

This product is mostly used for water purification, drinking water, and water treatment distributors of various types.

7 Stage Water Purifier Main Applications

  • Water Activation
  • Increase the concentration of negative ions in the air
  • Enhance dissolved oxygen and activated water
  • Micro-clustered water hydrates cell more effectively.
  • Essential minerals help to keep you healthy and improve the flavor of your water.
  • Inhibit the reproduction of microbes

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FINAL THOUGHTS: 7 Stage Water Purifier

Far-infrared ceramic balls effectively absorb chromium, lead, and other harmful heavy metals. It also produces dissolved zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium, and other trace elements in over 20.

Get a 7-Stage Water Purifier in Australia from Ace Water Coolers! Treat yourself to a glass of clean and safe water.

By Raven Escabusa


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