The 8 Stage Water Filter System makes it simple to drink mineral water from the comfort of your own home or office. You may filter your water with the built-in purifier without jeopardizing your health or affecting the environment.

The water filter is inexpensive and straightforward to use. Plus, it's also simple to clean. It's the most basic tap water filter you'll discover online.


We created an 8-stage filtration system to purify your drinking water to the greatest extent possible. The eight processes ensure that your water is free of organic pollutants, lead, and all germs, as well as softened and pH balanced. No more germs, rust, bacteria, or unpleasant taste, just pure drinking water at a tenth of the cost of bottled water.

Discover the advantages of having access to clean, convenient water all of the time. Now is the time to get this home water filter and start converting your tap water to clean water. Finally, there will never be a need to feel thirsty again!


  1. Primary Filter Felt Pads: Works similarly as a silt pad, these pads eliminate sediment particles and dust caught and trapped in the taps.
  2. KDF: Aids in removing chlorine, organic materials, and heavy metals like cadmium, lead, mercury, and arsenic by the next stage which is the activated carbon.
  3. Activated Carbon: Removes chlorine, organic debris, and the foul odors and tastes associated with chlorine in municipal water.
  4. Mineralised Balls: These natural minerals obtained from natural clays provide the body with essential minerals. Iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium, and iodine are examples of these minerals.
  5. Mineral Corallite Balls: It releases slowly some minerals, primary calcium. It releases into the water over time via mineral corallite balls.
  6. Activated Carbon: Alkaline water is made with an added granulated layer of activated charcoal which is finer.
  7. Mineralised Balls: Mineralised Balls are a higher grade version of level 4 above.
  8. Ceramic Plate: The final stage of filtration, which has the capability of removing some microorganisms.


Kills 99.9% of Germs and Filters Metals Harmful to the Body

  • Removes harmful particles, destroys bacteria and viruses, and eliminates metals.

Filters Hazardous Chemicals And Odors

  • Chlorine and other harmful chemicals are filtered.

Preserves Natural Minerals In Water

  • It retains the necessary minerals contained in fresh, natural water.

Minimizes Acidity and Balanced Alkaline Levels

  • To boost freshness, it eliminates the negative ions found in dirty water.


Maifan Stones

Purifying water, restoring PH balance, stimulating water, and increasing physiological function in the body are all features of Maifan stone Australia. It's a non-toxic, biologically active mineral or therapeutic rock. So, the main chemical component is inorganic aluminosilicate.

The adsorption capability of Maifan Stone for soluble heavy metals and chemical contaminants in the water is rather high. As a result, it works well for ion exchange as well. It accomplishes all of this while also releasing beneficial minerals and moderately increasing pH alkalinity levels.

KDF Filter Media

KDF is proven to control bacteria growth, kill algae and fungi, and remove chlorine, pesticides. Also, it filters organic matter, unpleasant taste and odor, rust, iron, hydrogen sulfide, lead, nickel, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, mercury, calcium, aluminum, and other organic compounds.

Ceramic Minerals

Many people these days are struggling with high acidity levels in their bodies since the normal diet contains more and more processed foods. Our Alkaline Ceramic minerals contain essential minerals that raise your body's pH to a healthier, slightly alkaline level of around 7.4-8.5.

  • Ceramic Mineral breaks water down into smaller clusters, allowing it to flow more easily into cell membranes and improving nutrient and waste transport in and out of the body.
  • It acts as a potent antioxidant. Plus, it removes free radicals from the body, a known cause of cellular aging and many diseases.
  • Calcium (Ca) is an essential element for keeping strong bones and teeth and avoiding osteoporosis.
  • It increases the oxygen amount in your water by up to 25%.


Better Health

While simple tap water is considered clean, it contains several pollutants and toxic elements that make it unfit for human consumption. In fact, chlorine is one such chemical that can be found in practically all tap water worldwide. We're all aware that there is no alternative for excellent health, so why should we compromise on such an important aspect of our bodies? Therefore, a simple water filter setup can save you the agony, stress, and anxiety that comes with getting diseases due to contaminated water.

Save Expenses

A water filtration system is a significant financial commitment. A single water bottle may only cost a few bucks, but those costs add up over time. When you buy a water bottle, you're not only paying for clean water. You're also paying for the packing and the profit the firm makes. So, it means that, while it may appear expensive today, it will save you money in the long run, not only for your health and your bank account.

Better Water Taste

Bottled water, boiled water, and filtered water all have variable levels of salts and microorganisms and varied compositions. Although boiling water removes pollutants, it is not as effective as using a filter, allowing good bacteria and important minerals to stay in the water while removing contaminants. Additionally, it has an impact on the flavor and odor of your water.


Plastic will never completely disintegrate. So, it implies that the water bottle you bought in preschool is still out there, taking up space and releasing harmful chemicals into our ecosystems. In reality, every single item of plastic that has ever been manufactured is still present on the planet somehow. I don't know what more to say if that isn't horrifying. Furthermore, the majority of manufactured plastic is either unfit for recycling or never reaches a recycling plant. Consider the influence you may have on our precious world if you switch from bottled to filtered water. Water firms aren't offering you water at all. They're trying to sell you plastic bottles.

Independence From Companies

You will no longer rely on water suppliers to cleanse your water after installing your fresh new water filter. In fact, you won't have to worry if the water in your neighborhood or city is contaminated since you already have a filter setup. Investing in this technology means you won't have to worry about the majority of future water-related mishaps. You are self and will always have access to clean, fresh water in your home.


Finally, it is merely more practical. You will no longer need to take the time to boil your water if you were previously doing so. If you're accustomed to buying bottled water, you won't need to make any more excursions to the shop. When you want it, clean, clear, and safe water will be accessible in your home.


8 Stage Water Filter System is the next best thing you'll have in your kitchen or workplace. Our 8-stage KDF Water Filter replaces your existing water filter and restores it to a pure, great-tasting, mineralized, and alkalized pure state. To begin, every drop of water drips through our industry-leading 8-stage KDF Water Filter system. Second, our water filters purify and enrich your water with natural minerals collected from the ground. Overall, it's an excellent choice for water filters at home or in the office.

By Raven Escabusa


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