This 7-Stage Natural Mineral Water Filter makes it simple to enjoy mineral water in the comfort of your own home or office. It percolates normal tap water through seven transformative phases using gravity. It aids in the cleansing and elimination of waste and the attainment and maintenance of overall health. The 7 stage filtration system is both affordable and convenient. Plus, it specifically intends to filter your drinking water to the highest level possible.

One of the stages of this water filter system is the Activated Carbon. Let's review this amazing water filter and what it does.


The holes in activated carbon trap chemicals. The usual administration is by mouth to treat consumed toxins. There isn't much evidence for other applications.

Peat, wood, coal, coconut shell, and petroleum are all used to make charcoal. The heated charcoal in the presence of gas produces activated charcoal. As a result of this process, charcoal develops a large number of internal gaps or pores. Activated charcoal uses these pores to capture pollutants.

Some use activated carbon to treat. Although most of these claims don't have scientific research, they can also help improve high cholesterol, hangovers, and stomachache.


Acts as a general detoxifier.

Activated charcoal works by trapping toxins in the digestive tract and trying to prevent them from absorbing. It remains in the body until passed in the feces. It goes along with the poisons it binds to, such as germs and medications.

Activated charcoal is sometimes used in hospitals and emergency rooms to treat narcotic overdoses and poisonings. Activated Carbon can be useful if the patient is treated before the poisonous chemical enters the bloodstream. After consuming a toxin, many persons admitted to the hospital will absorb too much of the chemical before they are accepted.

Manage cholesterol levels.

Consumption of activated Carbon also demostrates lower LDL cholesterol levels in some patients with high cholesterol. "Studies all around the world have shown that the advantages of activated carbon are comparable to prescription cholesterol drugs," says Dr. Lam. "Activated charcoal has also been demonstrated to enhance good cholesterol levels in the body while reducing blood cholesterol levels by 25% within only four weeks."

Helps improve Chronic Kidney Disease.

A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) demonstrates how mixing activated charcoal with a low-protein diet can aid in the treatment of renal illness. Many individuals saw their blood urea and creatinine levels drop after almost a year of taking activated charcoal.

Water Filtration

The use of activated Carbon as a water purifier has been around for a long time. Activated charcoal filters effectively remove fluoride and other heavy metals from the water. It is not, however, effective in the elimination of bacteria or viruses from water. As a result, modern water purifiers have several filter components targeted at different sorts of impurities.

New ways to clean up polluted sources of drinking water | Science News for  Students


Activated Carbon and the other filters in this 7 Stage Natural Mineral Water Filter allow you to enjoy great-tasting water that is safe, clean, and clearer. It removes hazardous impurities while maintaining your drinking water full of critical minerals like Calcium, Zinc, and Magnesium, which are essential for optimum health. The 7-stage filtration features ensure that you are drinking water that is clean, nutritious, and delicious.

By Raven Escabusa


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